✨🦋🌸💥 book report [citations]
January 31st, 2023

for niko

when i listened through the tracks you chose for your playlist, i was often reminded of a bunch of tracks / artists / feelings i got from other music i love. i wanted to catalog those thoughts here for this follow up “citations” playlist. :)

heres the playlist:

annnnnndd here is the breakdown. :)


The beat/production on this one reminded me of my friend tobre’s work. kinda subdued in terms of direct transient impact, but still kinda phasey and hyperpoppy w choppy vocal style and detuned heavily mixed basses.

the end section / chorus reminded me a lot of c2.0 by charli just because of the soaring vocal over a choppy kinda build section that is building by nature of just adding elements which increases intensity.


this one reminded me of the feeling of augen auf! by oomph. not necessarily sonically similar, but like dark dancey brutalist creepy vibes.

upon listening to augen auf, i realized they’re not as similar feeling as i originally thought, but i still thought u might like the song :)

Dark Blue

this tune had BIGGGGGGG close your eyes vibes. and close your eyes has big chuck era sum 41 vibes so i wanted to show you both of those artists :)

the songs dark blue reminded me of have actually ended up being my most on repeat songs over the last week. i was so grateful to be reminded of them. i particularly think the body is a sleeper. kinda boring at first honestly, but i think it might be my fav of the three when u let it marinate.

Trash Snacks

it was mostly vocal layering and effecting that i heard in this one. reminded me of the ö remix of lifeline by ag cook.


moore kismet is sonically in a world of their own with foley and glitch edits i think, but their chord sound design is definitely reminiscent of a lot of the genre leaders here. i think mostly mumbai power by skrillex and various mitis + other lovestep/melodic dubstep evolutions would be applicable here, but i wanted to show you the stabby chord sound design songs that MOST have impacted me in my life. here’s one that i absolutely adore and spin almost every dj set:

and then while i was building this playlist, spotify recommnended this track to me by an artist i have REALLY been getting into lately. super cool! and honestly it just fit the bill for stabby clean chord sound design so i figured i would include it! :)

thats all for now folks

thanks for sending me this playlist! i really enjoyed it and have been listening to it a bunch! it was also really cool hearing music that you liked remind me of things that i have loved for quite some time! pretty much all of these songs (with the exception of the underbelly tune) i discovered at least 6 months ago, and that sum 41 track i was listening to when i was in like 4th grade.


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