How Nonfungiblog works

Welcome to NonfungiBlog.

This is a project dedicated to crowdsourcing and monetizing web-based attention in a new and exciting way! Owners of a specific NFT will be granted Contributor access to this blog to submit and publish a post that is not only written to the Optimism blockchain forever, but can be minted and collected at any date.

How it works:

  1. Buy the NFT on Ethereum.

  2. At 12:00AM and PM UTC, NFT Owner address will be added as a Contributor to this blog site. If you’ve logged into before, you’ll receive an email notification. Otherwise, use link to join the project after the next snapshot.

  3. Submit and publish a post.

  4. Advertise the post to your fanbase.

  5. Monetize your bangin’ post forever by minting it on Optimism and allowing others to purchase it.

  6. Encourage users to Subscribe to the blog to receive email notifications of new posts.

  7. Encourage others to try it out by purchasing the NFT. If no new content is posted to the site within 72 hours after purchase, a new NFT will be minted, the old one becomes useless, and the floor price resets to 0.029 Eth.

Email for questions, thanks!

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