Are You an NFT Whale? Claim Your Reputation-Based NFT Today.
Orange Protocol
January 28th, 2022

Our mission at Orange has been — and will always be — to redefine the notion of digital reputation for a more fair and free Web3. And now that the Orange Reputation Studio is live and fully functional, you can now generate various NFT-based reputation credentials to show off.

And now, based on your NFT reputation score, you can claim your very own Orange NFT in the Reputation Studio.

Here we’ll briefly explain how to generate your NFT-based credentials in the Reputation Studio and claim one of three Orange NFTs.

Whether you’re a new citizen in the world of Web3 or an NFT whale with a long history, here’s how to claim your very own Orange reputation-based NFT today!

Step 1: Navigate to the Reputation Studio

The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to the Orange Protocol website and click on the Launch App button in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll then be taken directly to the Orange Reputation Studio.

Step 2: Connect Wallet & Create Account

Next, you’ll need to connect the wallet and address that best reflects your Web3 and NFT reputation. If you’re using Metamask, for instance, make sure the right wallet and sub-account is selected before you connect your wallet.

After your wallet is connected, head over to the Management screen via the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand side of the Reputation Studio. Before generating your scores and credentials needed to claim your NFTs, you’ll need to ensure the correct wallet is added to Orange.

Once you’re in the management screen, simply select the Add Wallet option and ensure that the “Visible” option is enabled.

Step 3: Check Eligibility & Generate Credentials

Now that your wallet is connected and enabled, you can head back to the main Reputation Studio screen and follow the instructions for each individual NFT to generate your credential that will determine your eligibility.

The three Orange NFTs and their criteria are as follows:

  • Web3 Citizen. Users who have an outstanding Web3 activity via transaction history and usage of various dApps, measured by a reputation score higher than 100 as evaluated by the Ontology Web3 Activity Evaluation Model.

  • NFT Collector. Users who have an outstanding NFT holding history and transaction behavior, measured by a reputation score higher than 100 as evaluated by Ontology’s NFT Asset Evaluation Model.

  • Crypto Whale. Users who have outstanding crypto asset balances, measured by a reputation score higher than 100 as evaluated by Ontology’s Ethereum & BSC Asset Evaluation Model.

Clicking through on each NFT will let you know what reputation data model to use in order to generate your credential to check eligibility.

Clicking the Claim button will then prompt you to generate the appropriate credential for the NFT, if you haven’t already done so independently of the minting process.

Step 4: Check My Reputation and Claim NFT

It should take no longer than ten minutes for Orange to generate your reputation credential, which will appear in the My Reputation section of the Reputation Studio. You can then view your score for the relevant data model, and simply click Upgrade to NFT to claim if your score qualifies. You may also claim directly from the Reputation Studio homepage once you’ve generated the credential.

At present, you may claim NFTs on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon. Any Orange NFTs you claim will then be available under the My NFTs tab of the My reputation section.

Orange NFT minting is a way to reward our early community users and showcase the potential of portable reputation in Web3. We hope that developers, communities, and project leaders all see how customizable reputation scores can be easily tabulated and implemented in the real world. Anything from NFT rewards to airdrops and reputation-weighted voting can be rather easily implemented with Orange.

And even if you’re not eligible to claim an NFT yet, there’s still plenty of time to engage, collect, and interact with projects and dApps to build a lasting, meaningful reputation in tomorrow’s Web3.

Ready to showcase your NFTs to the rest of the Orange community?

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