How the Next Orange Update is Improving Usability and Verification
April 14th, 2022

As we head into Q2 of 2022, Orange will begin to roll out some cool new features for those building reputational models and systems on our platform. As we continue to add data sources, integrate partners, and improve usability, at Orange we always take feedback and suggestions from the community to heart with the intent of constant improvement.

With that in mind, we want to share the new product updates and features that we’ll be rolling out in April — some of which are already available. Our main focus is on making Orange user-friendly and, more functionality to the Model Explorer and adding off-chain integrations from Web2 sources for identity and reputation.

Data Provider Data Source Display

The first new feature we’re adding is a drop-down selection menu and display for data sources in the Datasets section of the Model Explorer. Blockchain, Category, and Scenario options are already available for sorting and locating datasets, and the Data Source option will make this even easier. We continue to work overtime to connect with and onboard as many key data sources as possible that will enable even more innovative models and uses for reputation within DAOs and Web3 communities.

Algorithm User Distribution Diagram

The next key improvement we’ll be rolling out is a user distribution diagram for specific algorithms. If you’ve already generated a verified credential for yourself, you’ll simply navigate to that credential under My Credentials, click through, and select Score Distribution. The goal is to give users a better understanding of where their scores fit along with the distribution. Using these insights, people can take actions to improve their scores in certain areas like holding NFTs longer, being more active on DeFi protocols, and so forth.

POAP and BrightID Integration

We couldn’t be more excited about this latest update. We’ve officially expanded identity and reputation verification on Orange to integrate with BrightID and POAP. Users who have already been on-boarded to both platforms can now easily link them to Orange under the Management > Verification screen. Since our vision has always been to create comprehensive portable reputation models and credentials utilizing both on-chain and off-chain data, BrightID and POAP integrations represent a significant step in being at the forefront of where we think Web3 identity is headed in the future.

These Orange updates and any future ones are done with a central thesis in mind: Portable Reputation is an emerging superpower for DAOs, communities, and Web3 netizens. With these updates, builders will be able to work with data sources and models more seamlessly. And individuals will gain deeper insights into their on-chain reputation as well as solidify their identities on Orange with POAP and BrightID verification.

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