Verse Network Partners with Orange Protocol

DAOs can now easily access reputational models on Verse Network using Orange

March 9th, 2022 — Orange Protocol and Verse Network by STP announced today that the projects have entered into a strategic partnership that will integrate reputational models and data sources into Verse’s Layer 2 DAO tooling ecosystem.

The agreement brings together the Verse Layer 2 sidechain for DAOs with on-chain reputation scoring and reporting capabilities. The two projects can now be easily integrated via open APIs for DAOs, NFT projects, and other Web3 communities.

Verse is a censorship-resistant, high-performance interconnected cloud for next-gen DAOs and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. Orange aggregates both on and off-chain data, enabling the creation of unique reputation reports, scores, and NFTs for each individual.

“We are excited to work with a protocol like Orange in bringing reputation to Verse’s DAO ecosystem. Reputation is an essential component for DAOs and will enhance the overall Web3 experience for users,” said Mike Chen, Founder of STP.

DAOs using Verse will now be able to incorporate reputation into a multitude of activities, including participation-based airdrops and non-token weighted voting strategies.

Those wanting to learn more about DAO tooling and Web3 reputation-based systems is encouraged to engage with both Verse Network and Orange protocol via email, social, or community channels.

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol’s vision is to put digital reputations back in the hands of the users, builders, and developers. Our mission is to enable developers to incorporate reputation into dApps, projects, and communities, maximizing the value of each individual’s reputation.

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