How Orange and Bright ID are Making Web3 Reputation More Meaningful

Identity and reputation are linchpins to creating a Web3 world with trust, efficiency, and economic dynamism. 

It is what we have been striving to build at Orange from day one, acting as a platform for DAOs and communities to employ reputation systems and ensure members are engaged, reliable, and most importantly, real.

Projects like Orange and BrightID are stepping forward to aid those efforts by using both on and off-chain data to produce verifiable credentials that will make Web3 identity meaningful and accurate. Towards that end, we are building tools that can verify proof of humanity, fight bots and malicious actors, and even streamline Know Your Customer (KYC).

With BrightID verification now live in the Orange Reputation Studio, Web3 identity and reputation are making significant headway toward replacing KYC. The integration also creates a more seamless identity on ramp from Web2 to Web3, while simultaneously making DAOs and communities more authentic and sybil-resistant.

Streamlining KYC for Web3

One of the biggest hurdles for identity, privacy, and reputation in Web3 is that the current iteration of KYC does not necessarily protect an individual’s identity and oftentimes places their personal data at risk via centralized storage, servers, and processes.

A core objective for Orange is to streamline the KYC process in a way that empowers individuals in non-disclosive ways that protect identities. While at the same time, providing DAOs and communities the benefit of being able to validate proof of humanity for each member.

The key is to create a means by which Web3 users can create and protect their identities while still accessing and participating in the communities and services they desire. That is why Orange is making KYC re-usable, acting as an intermediary middleware for all of Web3.

Onboarding Identity from Web2

Until now, there simply has not been a convenient, user-friendly way to port one’s identity from Web2 to Web3. That’s where a project like Orange comes in, providing a way for individuals to benefit from their existing Web2 reputation in Web3 without any of the centralization drawbacks.

Using decentralized identification and verifiable credential technology, users can log in to Orange quickly while selectively authorizing necessary information to the server, protecting their privacy. DAOs and Web3 communities can then use these credentials for various use cases like admittance, airdrops, or non-token-weighted voting models.

For instance, users can add their identities from Web2 platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter or Web3 services like BrightID and POAP to Orange. They can then begin building their reputations in Web3 without providing information such as phone numbers, addresses, or Social Security numbers.

Orange and BrightID Verification

Moving forward, Web3 netizens will be able to use BrightID and Orange in unison, benefiting both individuals and DAOs. People that have already verified themselves on BrightID can now port that over to their Orange reputation.

For DAOs, NFT projects, and Web3 communities this adds an additional layer of authenticity and sybil-resistance. By implementing Orange reputation systems for BrightID verified users, they can effectively exclude bots from governance activities and ensure users don’t game airdrops with multiple wallets and identities.

Decentralization, self-management, privacy protection, and ease of use are the key ideas that both Orange and BrightID are seeking to promote through our integration and partnership. We’re making KYC more empowering for individuals and making onboarding Web2 identities easy and accurate.

So, whether you are an individual looking to create and protect your reputation in Web3 or a builder who wants to make your community more equitable and sybil-resistant, using the BrightID and Orange integration has something powerful to offer in the areas of identity and reputation.

About Orange

Orange is a protocol for building trustless, decentralized, and portable reputation for Web3 projects, spaces, and communities. By aggregating on and off-chain data, Orange enables the creation of unique reputation reports, scores, NFTs, and credentials for each individual.

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About BrightID

BrightID’s vision is that everyone everywhere should have the benefits that come from being verified as a unique person. These benefits include greater access to money, greater choice in government, and greater access to honest information.

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