Orange Protocol Recognizes Top Dework Contributors with Reputation NFT Drop

The reputation-based NFT drop rewards top Dework contributors and shows Orange Protocol use cases for Web3 project management.

Orange Protocol and Dework are proud to announce that the two projects are collaborating on an upcoming reputation-based NFT drop to both reward top Dework contributors and showcase how portable reputation and verifiable credentials (VCs) can be used for Web3 project management and productivity.

The collaboration brings together the future Web3 reputation base layer of VCs with one of the most used decentralized project management platforms for DAOs and blockchain builders. The Dework Contributor Drop showcases how productivity data can be used to dynamically reward contributors in the form of NFTs, token bounties, retroactive allocations, and beyond.

How the Dework Contributor Drop will work

The Dework Contributor Drop will recognize the top contributors on the platform, with users qualifying if they score greater than 33% in the Dework Activity Model in the Orange Reputation Studio. The model considers three factors: Contribution, Activeness, and Proficiency.

Contribution includes the number of tasks completed, the USD value of tokens earned through bounties, and the number of points awarded. Activeness is measured by the time since the most recent task and the average number of tasks done in one month. Proficiency is measured by the time since the first task and the average points awarded per task.

The drop will be available from 9/27/2022 at 10AM UTC through 10/11/2022 at 1PM UTC.

Aside from Dework contributors being rewarded for their efforts on the platform, DAOs and Web3 communities will be able to participate in an important use case for how reputation-based NFTs and VCs can be implemented to improve their own communities.

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About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol’s vision is to put digital reputations back in the hands of the users, builders, and developers. Our mission is to enable developers to incorporate reputation into dApps, projects, and communities, maximizing the value of each individual’s reputation.

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About Dework

Dework is a Web3-native project management with token payments, credentialing, and bounties. Create bounties for contributors, let contributors build their web3 profile, and pay with your own DAO token.

Website | Discord | Twitter | Link3

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