Learn how to Build with Portable Reputation at ETHDenver
February 14th, 2022

Since Orange Protocol launched last year with the mission of redefining reputation in Web3, the growth and response from individuals, communities, projects, and partners have been incredible. We’ve seen NFT communities, decentralized voting, and DeFi projects implement Orange reputation models, algorithms, and reports to make spaces fairer and reward the most passionate individuals.

But that’s just the beginning. Team Orange will be touching down at ETHDenver to show how builders and developers can use reputation scores, reports, data models, and algorithms in a wide variety of dApps and use cases.

And now that ETH Denver is nearly upon us, we want to let everyone know about why we’re going, what we have planned, and how to learn about using Orange to build reputation into whatever you’re building. We’re taking digital reputation out of the hands of centralized services and companies and placing it where it belongs, with individuals, developers, and communities themselves.

Why We’re Excited About ETHDenver

The Ethereum community is one of builders, creators, and independent thinkers. From NFTs and DAOs to governance and voting initiatives, the amount of on-chain activity and development on Ethereum has expanded exponentially in recent years.

And as Web3 netizens continually engage and live on the Ethereum network, decentralized identities and reputations get created, developed, and enhanced. But until now, gathering and organizing on-chain data in ways that can portray an individual’s reputation in useful and meaningful ways has been difficult.

Orange was created to solve this problem and is doing so in tangible ways with relevant and forward-thinking communities. We want to share, showcase, and educate Ethereum builders and leaders at large about how customized reputation algorithms, scores, and reports can be used to create fair and efficient Web3 spaces.

How You Can Engage with Team Orange

Our core focus at ETHDenver will be to educate and empower developers on the Orange platform and how reputation can be built into any dApp, project, or Web3 community. This includes multiple speaking engagements, on-site meeting availability, giveaways, and social events.

We want to show and share how easy it is for developers to build reputation systems directly into dApps through readily available Web3 data sources, algorithms, and data models.

From a broader perspective, we also want to demonstrate the importance, power, and meaning of reputation in Web3 spaces. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of what Orange will be doing, where to find us, and how to get involved both in and around ETHDenver.

Digital Identity and DAOs @ DAODenver

To kick things off, team Orange member Humpty Calderon will be a featured panelist at DAODenver on February 16th at 4 PM. Humpty will be joining other Web3 experts in a session entitled “You Down with DID? Yeah You Doxxed Me!”

You can head over to the DAODenver website for more information on the venue, schedule, and how to attend. Digital Identity (DID) is a cornerstone of Web3 reputation and the Orange Protocol, so you won’t want to miss this discussion.

The Orange IRL Presence @ ETHDenver

Just look for the Orange banner and come meet the team personally. We’re happy to discuss and demonstrate how Orange works and how reputation can be easily incorporated into your dApp, project, or protocol.

For example, Orange could enable users to actually mint their individual reputation score or report as an NFT and share it if they so choose. Reports can be based on custom data sources, models, and algorithms for things like voting weight, airdrops, and many other use cases.

Orange NFT Minting + Bufficorn Raffle Giveaway

Minting an NFT to showcase one’s reputation is only one way to use Orange, but it’s one of the most accessible methods to understand how the platform works. It’s why we created our collection of Orange NFTs, to encourage developers and users to generate reputation scores.

To be clear, Orange NFTs are mainly for the purpose of showing how reputation scores can be created, customized, and implemented in any dApp. However, we are doing something special for those who mint their Orange reputation-based NFTs at ETHDenver.

We’re giving away 10 Bufficorn NFTs at the event. Anyone who attends ETHDenver and mints at least two out of three Orange NFTs will automatically be entered in our Bufficorn Raffle. Winners will be announced at the end and airdropped a free Bufficorn if selected.

Our mission behind the Bufficorn Raffle is to demonstrate Orange reputation scoring in action. To claim your Orange NFTs, you’ll need to meet minimum reputation scoring thresholds in areas like on-chain dApp activity or NFT holdings.

BUIDL for Inclusivity @ Panvala

On February 17th, two members of Team Orange will be speaking at the Panvala BUIDL for Inclusivity event in Denver. At 11 AM, Humpty will be speaking about “The accessibility for Web3, BUIDLing for Incusvity.”

And at 3 PM, Orange co-builder Gloria Wu will address “Onboarding with Self-Sovereign Identity & Reputation.” Team Orange is excited to be a part of BUIDL for Inclusivity and looks forward to seeing a diverse group of developers and Web3 enthusiasts.

And this is just what we have confirmed thus far. Stay tuned for additional Orange sessions, social events, and more in Denver!

Orange You Glad to be at ETHDenver?

Team Orange couldn’t be more excited to connect with builders and developers at ETHDenver about how reputation can play a key role in any dApp, DAO, or Web3 project. We hope you can engage with us IRL and learn about how Orange and portable reputation is creating a more free and fair Web3.

Getting ready to head to Denver or already there? Here are a few key resources and channels to help you stay connected with everything Orange throughout the event:

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