Orange Protocol Debuts Orange Drops with Genesis NFTs

New functionality enables reputation-based NFT drops for DAOs and Web3 communities.

July 29th , 2022 — Orange Protocol is rolling out a striking new feature that will enable projects to reward community members and contributors based on reputation. The Orange Drops will also enable reputation-based social NFT campaigns to enhance community engagement and incentive alignment.

With Orange Protocol, reputation can be reflected in a variety of ways, including things like the length of NFT holding history and the volume of on-chain activity. Orange Drops gives DAOs and Web3 communities the ability to incentivize beneficial behaviors of community members with reputation-based NFTs, while enabling users to manage reputation in a single place: Orange.

Unlike most other NFTs, the Orange Drops functionality uses decentralized identity and verifiable credentials (VCs) as a key part of its embedded utility. Because Orange Protocol acts as a reputational layer between Web3 data sources of all types — from NFT communities to DAOs — Orange Drops NFTs reflect each individual’s Web3 identity.

And showcase this new feature and kickstart a new era, anyone can now claim unique Orange Protocol Genesis Drop NFTs as an introduction to this new functionality. Issuing NFTs at Orange Drops will help you easily access the reputation systems, and use them for community growth, visibility, and attracting the right people. Notable projects such as Aave and TalentDAO are planning to use Orange Drops in the near future for NFT issuing and campaigns.

So take note a participate in Orange Protocol’s first-ever Orange Drops campaign — the Orange Drops Genesis NFT!

No matter what type of DAO or Web3 community you’re a part of, you’ll want to be first in line to experience NFTs with reputational utility and reap future rewards in the Orange community.

Here’s why you need to participate in the Orange Drops NFT campaign:

  • Show Yourself as an Early Supporter. By claiming your reputation-based Genesis airdrop, you’ll be able to showcase yourself as an early supporter of Orange Protocol and make Web3 fairer with portable reputation and verifiable credentials.

  • Collect the Very First Orange Drops NFT. Collecting the first-ever Orange Drops NFT will position you to take advantage of future drops. You’ll be at the forefront of what portable reputation means in the future of Web3.

  • Gain Privileges in Orange Protocol Governance. Collecting the Genesis Drop NFT will likely grant and enhance privileges on the Orange Protocol platform, DAO governance, and overall community.

The Orange Drops NFT functionality represents a critical tool for DAO operations, allowing them to conduct activities like allowlist, airdrops, voting, and admittance based on their reputations. And with Orange Drops NFTs, visual representations and on-chain verifiable credentials allow community members to cultivate, manage, and port their reputations at will.

DAOs can further reward users with unique NFTs after they have completed specified tasks or taking actions that will improve their standing within the community and contribute to the overall community’s goals and mission. Individuals will be able to manage, utilize, and leverage their on-chain reputation in a single place: Orange Protocol.

Ready to learn more about Orange Drops for your DAO, project or community? Follow us on Twitter or join the Orange Discord and to hear the latest on Orange Drops and claiming your Genesis Drop NFT!

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol is both a middleware for dApp builders and a reputation management portal for self-sovereign individuals using data sources and models from across Web3.

Our vision is to create portable reputation systems for users, builders, and developers.

We enable developers to incorporate reputation into dApps, projects, and communities, maximizing the value of each individual’s reputation.

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