Orange Protocol Genesis Drop NFT Comes to Polygon

Reputation models are coming to Polygon Network that’s bringing the world onto Ethereum.

August 16th, 2022Orange Protocol is launching Orange Protocol Genesis Drop NFT campaign on the Polygon network. The campaign will commence on August 16th at 1PM UTC, when Polygon users will be able to claim their Orange Protocol Genesis Drop NFT and be entered for a chance to win $400 in USDT.

The agreement brings together the most critical Web3 portable reputation standard with the most thriving Ethereum ecosystem. The Orange Drops Genesis NFT collection showcases how DAOs and Web3 communities can grow through reputation-based NFT campaigns. Launching these capabilities on Polygon showcases how reputation models and systems can be implemented with fast throughput speeds and low gas fees.

Users of the Polygon network and community members of Polygon DAO will simply need to complete a few basic tasks on the Orange Drops Genesis NFT campaign page during the first phase. During the second phase, winners will be selected to win a portion of the $400 in USDT prize pot.

“I believe Orange Protocol on Polygon will support the growth of new dApps, DAOs and platforms based on the portable reputation of each participant, overcoming the model based on the mere possession of financial means and thus allowing to interact in a decentralized and trustless way,” says Marco Grendel, the lead at PolygonDAO.

This campaign comes in succession to Orange Procotol’s recent Genesis Drops NFT campaign on the BNB Chain, with over 6,000 overall participants. The upcoming Polygon campaign will showcase that reputation models can be implemented on Ethereum in a fast, low-cost fashion. Projects built within the Polygon ecosystem like Aave, for instance, can offer reputation-based DeFi lending and borrowing with near zero gas fees.

The Polygon campaign is just the beginning in terms of the Orange Drop feature coming to various public chains in the near future. It’s a signal that reputation in Web3 will be open, and interoperable between all blockchain ecosystems.

Ready to participate in the Orange Drops Genesis NFT campaign and USDT giveaway on Polygon? Here’s what to do next:

  1. Follow @OrangeProtocol
  2. Retweet the specified tweet
  3. Join the community
  4. Land on Orange Drop page:
  5. Claim your Orange Protocol Genesis Drops NFT on Polygon

It’s as simple as that! Join our Discord Channel, and open a ticket with us if you’d like to learn more about building portable reputation systems into your DAO, project, or Web3 community.

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol is both a middleware for dApp builders and a reputation management portal for self-sovereign individuals using data sources and models from across Web3.

Our vision is to create portable reputation systems for users, builders, and developers.

We enable developers to incorporate reputation into dApps, projects, and communities, maximizing the value of each individual’s reputation.

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