Slaying Moloch and Coordination as Performance Art @ MCON
Orange Protocol
September 27th, 2022

Enhancing MetaCartel Grants V2 with, Hats Protocol, and Sobol.

With this year’s version of MCON in full swing, there’s no better time to explore new ways of approaching collaboration and coordination for DAOs and Web3 at large. Coordination magic doesn’t happen overnight but rather is a pragmatic art that is learned, built, and practiced together with allies of all shapes and sizes.

This is exactly why Orange Procotol came together with, Sobol, and Hats Protocol. To answer MetaCartel’s challenge of improving the grants-giving process and help the MetaCartel DAO realize its full potential. The answer was a collaboration and coordination between the four projects to create the tooling MetaCartel Grants V2 needs to succeed at MCON and beyond.

“I’ve had many chats with builders about collaborating and interoperability where there’s genuine excitement and momentum on the call but it quickly fades soon after.” says Bryan Peters from Sobol. “ MCON provided the perfect shelling point to gather up and make something happen that can harness Decentralized Identities (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials (VCs), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a shared fabric of DAO coordination.”

Here’s what the MetaCartel Grants challenge entailed, how we all responded, and why Web3 needs coordination as performance art.

Why MetaCartel Grants Needs to Slay Moloch

The success that MetaCartel has experienced over the course of the past few years has been met with its challenges, and in recent times, missing tooling, as well as growing pains, have kept the organization from realizing its full potential.

In addition to the reduced frequency of grant giving, MetaCartel has struggled to maintain a record of which projects received funding, how funding was spent, whether a given project was successful, as well as whether tribute was paid back from projects that received funding.

MetaCartel in its unyielding fight against Moloch has courageously chosen to uphold coordination, and through the tribulation of a life well lived, showing that it will adapt and coordinate, over surrender to the mediocrity of a god whose only success is preying on failed human arrangement.

All four projects are excited to see a culture of intimacy emerging from people and projects present at MCON, and the values that each holds come together into a meaningful discourse around solutions and ways to lift all projects working in Web3 up.

Slaying Moloch by Going Fast Together

We are a group of over 17 contributors focused on DIDs (decentralized identifiers), VCreds (verifiable credentials), and ntNFTs (non-transferrable NFTs) aiming to engineer tools that support self-sovereign identity, reputation, incentive alignment, social graph visualization, and authority delegation in DAOs, inspiring MetaCartel to go fast together and to slay Moloch.

Introducing each of the projects participating in the collaboration briefly:

  • Sobol** i**s a Meta platform for DAOs, making the front-end navigation experience crisp & clear.

  • Orange is a reputation protocol for web3 allowing reputation to unlock richer experiences & allow communities to design their own reputation models based on existing or new data models.

  • Hats Protocol is a DAO authority delegation tool that permits access to “Hat Wearers” to take certain actions the DAO wants to empower members of their community to take.

  • Collab.Land powers tokenized communities through token gating, supports issuance of VCreds (reputation), and helps web3 projects in achieving their objectives through collaboration

Our collaboration started out of the DAOhaus community discord, where Collab.Land intentionally brought together: Sobol, Orange Protocol, and Hats Protocol to enter into discussion and discover what opportunities there might be to interoperate and showcase what each of our projects is building in a meaningful way that can support the MetaCartel “Super Scouts” group.

With each project and internal contributors bringing their own unique strengths to bear, we have collectively managed to answer the call set forth by MetaCartel and designed a grant-giving process that verifies a grantees identity and reputation using Orange VCs, unlocks special Discord channels and privliges via token-based access, and validates access to a Gnosis Safe containing grantee funds. And all can be visualized easily with Sobol’s DAO operations UI tooling.

Closing Thoughts

Coordination is indeed performance art. It keeps us moving together, and this MCON collaboration is meant to show how things can come together, work together, and be implemented faster than ever in Web3. Thanks to the key players from, Orange Protocol, Sobol, and Hats Protocol, we were able to help MetaCartel Grants V2 shed the curse of Moloch at MCON and leave us all hungry to accomplish even more in the future.

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol is both a middleware for dApp builders and a reputation management portal for self-sovereign individuals using data sources and models from across Web3.

Our vision is to create portable reputation systems for users, builders, and developers.

We enable developers to incorporate reputation into dApps, projects, and communities, maximizing the value of each individual’s reputation.

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