How DAOHaus and Orange Protocol are Working Together for Richer Member Experiences

Incentivizing participation and governance with DAOHaus and Web3 data.

May 26th, 2022. DAOHaus and Orange Protocol have announced that the two projects will start working together with the aim of positively impacting the DAOHaus community. Reputation models enabled by Orange will allow DAOs on the DAOHaus platform to create new frameworks for governance, airdrops, and more.

The collaboration brings together innovative and seamless DAO tooling with portable on-chain reputation, resulting in better-recognized member contributions across all communities and more efficient DAO operations. With DAOHaus, users can summon a DAO in a single click, manage treasury, and employ flexible governance models.

Orange Protocol allows DAOs and Web3 communities to implement reputation systems for a variety of use cases, including non-token-weighted voting and contribution-based airdrops. DAOHaus will now become a data provider for Orange, allowing for the construction of custom reputation models via the Orange Reputation Studio.

These models can then be employed by DAOs anywhere that want to use reputation models utilizing DAOHaus data. This collaboration represents an important step in DAOs using reputation for the benefit of members. Activities and contributions like voting and bounty completion can now be better integrated with individuals’ identities and profiles across multiple DAOs and chains.

Moreover, DAOs summoned on DAOHaus will be able to use an array of Orange reputation models currently available in the Reputation Studio. Voter participation scores from Snapshot, for example, can be implemented on DAOHaus to grant various roles, rights, and incentives to current DAO members.

“The ability to bring data from across the Web3 space and into member profiles on DAOHaus will provide individual members and contributors with a much richer experience,” says the DAOHaus team.

Moving forward, both DAOHaus and Orange Protocol will collaborate on new ways to improve DAO operations and member experiences with Web3 data and reputation systems.

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol’s vision is to put digital reputations back in the hands of the users, builders, and developers.

About DAOHaus

We make DAOs easy to set up and use, allowing communities to unlock the next level of crypto-coordination.

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