VotingDAO partners with Orange Protocol for Blockchain Person of the Year 2021

On-chain activity screening ensures the integrity of a massive on-chain voting initiative.

**May 11th, 2022 — **The results are in. Using Orange Procotol, VotingDAO has officially conducted and completed its Blockchain Person of the Year Award 2021 voting. This first initiative lays the groundwork for future partnerships between VotingDAO and Orange Protocol, while also showcasing voting and governance use cases for decentralized, portable reputation in Web3.

The Blockchain Person of the Year 2021 election brought together the possibility of scalable on-chain voting mechanisms with technology that ensures a one-person, one-vote election that’s more sybil-resistant than ever. VotingDAO is a global community and academic-driven organization with the vision of exploring new, scalable voting and governance opportunities in Web3.

VotingDAO’s Blockchain Person of the Year 2021 voting.
VotingDAO’s Blockchain Person of the Year 2021 voting.

VotingDAO partnered with Orange to screen voters by various criteria such as on-chain DeFi and NFT activity to ensure all who cast their ballots were sufficiently versed and native to Web3. As Orange is purpose-built for providing proof-of-humanity as a base layer for portable reputation, VotingDAO was able to implement sybil-resistance via on and off-chain identity verification.

Data models like VotingDAO created on Orange remain available via the Model Explorer.
Data models like VotingDAO created on Orange remain available via the Model Explorer.

“On-chain activity screening from Orange helped facilitate one of the largest decentralized elections ever. Over 15,000 individuals voted for Blockchain Person of the Year, an extraordinary accomplishment for VotingDAO,” said the VotingDAO team.

Orange is a reputation and trust minting protocol that aggregates data and Web3 reputation models to generate comprehensive reputation proofs in the form of verifiable credentials. It takes multiple data points into account to assess user behaviour and preferences for use cases like VotingDAO.

During the process, voters used their MetaMask wallets on either the Ethereum, Polygon or Binance Smart Chain networks, with Orange seamlessly verifying that each person had sufficient background and on-chain activity to cast their vote. It’s a glimpse into the future of how voting and governance can be more authentic and sybil-resistant in the wild.

Wondering who actually won the Blockchain Person of the Year for 2021?

The results of full reputation-screened voting.
The results of full reputation-screened voting.

It was none other than Binance co-founder Changpeng Zhao, more popularly known as “CZ.” Irrespective of the winner, what VotingDAO and Orange showcased should serve as a model that future governance and voting initiatives can iterate upon. You can also view the entire, final Blockchain Person of the Year 2021 voting leaderboard here.

“The Orange team is passionate about Web3 reputation. Their dedication to providing comprehensive on-chain activities screening was key in our efforts and we believe that Orange will definitely be a critical infrastructure in the future of Web3,” VotingDAO concluded.

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