Orange + TalentDAO Drop Encourages Commitment to Research DAO

Enabling thorough market research and accessible publication powered by trusted reputational systems

September 13th, 2022. Orange Protocol and talentDAO announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will engineer a community-reviewed newsletter platform filled with fact-finding investigations, analysis, and experimentation of web3 data. This project was made possible by the use of reliable reputational model technology.

The agreement brings together a sustainable development of programs integrated with trust and behavior incentivizing mechanisms with limitless possibilities in research publicity. Orange provides reputational management systems, whereas talentDAO generates informative and essential findings relevant to modern-day data.

“Working with a flexible reputation protocol like Orange has enabled us to experiment quickly and explore the new frontier of possibilities non-transferable reputation NFT’s enable,” said saulthorin, founder of talentDAO. “This will be the first of many reputation modules talentDAO will drop with Orange Protocol. As our research and thinking evolves so will how we measure reputation.This is a project that’s never actually finished but gets continuously refined as time goes on.”

Customers of talentDAO will now be able to assess the organization’s goals, mission, values, and contributing identities in order for participating parties to know if they are an ideal fit for the community. As well as to gain subscribers and believers offered with insightful newsletters dedicated to the growth and development of the DAO ecosystem.

talentDAO DAO Activity Drop

The Activity Drop from talentDAO revolves around participation in holding POAPs as well as voting and creating proposals for the community. Its goal is to recognize the exceptional contributions of individuals in order to claim the talentDAO DAO Activity Model.

Users need to attain a reputation score of 66% or above in order to qualify, the following are the necessary actions to earn points:

  • Number of POAPs holdings

  • Number of proposals ‘created’ across all Snapshot spaces

  • Number of proposals ‘voted’ across all Snapshot spaces

talentDAO Web3 Commitment Drop

As users develop interest and support for the community, the Commitment Drop serves as a dedication to individuals who supports the ecosystem via donations to public goods through various web3 protocols.

Donors’ qualifications to claim the talentDAO Web3 Commitment Drop must gain 25% or above reputation score. The key components are:

  • Number of Gitcoin grant rounds participated

  • Number of Panvala Stamps collected

talentDAO Discord Commitment Drop

Most importantly, the talentDAO Discord and Twitter engagement are crucial factors for community growth. Dedicated members are more than welcome to spread the campaign or introduce new members to the community by actively sending invitation links or retweeting valuable information on social media.

The web3 community is the backbone of the organization, members need to complete two tasks to claim the talentDAO Discord Commitment Drop. They are:

  • Joining talentDAO Discord server

  • Retweeting a talentDAO tweet containing a link to the Discord server

talentDAO using Reputational Models

talentDAO is an institution composed of strategic researchers and organizational scientists working together to create the world’s first decentralized community-reviewed publication for the social sciences and to help learners utilize the potential of the DAO ecosystem.

Efficient adaptation and structural analysis are what talentDAO brings to the community in hopes of expanding the world of decentralized work. In order to accumulate objectives, leaders and members of the organization have the right and responsibility to be known as frontrunners of the impactful publication. Community members will be rewarded with points for contributing as well as providing NFT holdings and on-chain behaviors using Orange’s reputation-based NFTs.

Together with Orange, talentDAO aims to revitalize the economy and build a strong reputation to pique the interest of potential shareholders one learner at a time.

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol’s vision is to put digital reputations back in the hands of the users, builders, and developers. Our mission is to enable developers to incorporate reputation into dApps, projects, and communities, maximizing the value of each individual’s reputation.

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About TalentDAO

TalentDAO is a community of organizational scientists, strategists and researchers building the world’s first decentralized community-reviewed publication protocol for the social sciences and applying what we learn to help the DAO ecosystem thrive.

Website | Discord | Twitter | Substack

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