Why Reputation Matters in Decentralized Work

Orange Protocol integrates DeWork as a data model provider to enable portable reputation for Web3 workers.

Working in Web3 requires the ability to contribute, create, and be compensated based on one’s identity and carefully cultivated reputation. And as contributions increase, so will the need for better platform capabilities in things like token payments, bounties, and credentialing. That’s why Orange Protocol is collaborating with DeWork to make Web3 work more meaningful and rewarding.

DeWork is a Web3 native project management for Web3 that allows projects and DAOs to achieve their objectives more efficiently and allow new contributors to locate new tasks and bounties to which they’d like to contribute. And as DeWork data models become available in the Orange Reputation Studio, it will provide even more meaningful ways for Web3 workers to leverage their reputations.

DAO work challenges that reputation is tackling

One of the big challenges facing DAO productivity is pulling new talent into their communities to fulfill tasks and bounties — and encouraging them to stay engaged. Reputation is a key missing piece to this puzzle and something that DeWork founder Llonis Hamaili recognizes.

“Currently DAOs don’t have a good way of showcasing their roadmap and saying, ‘This is what we’re building,’” Hamaili told Decrypt. “So if you want to contribute, you’re forced to search and push, rather than be pulled in actively.”

“By using DeWork, it’s easier to pull people into the DAO, because you can show what needs to be done, and contributors can join, grab a task, and start to contribute — and get paid in crypto.”

Pulling new contributors into DAOs is just the first step to increasing productivity and growing communities. Once individuals have the ability to grow, cultivate, and manage their reputations in more meaningful ways, it will incentivize them to maintain and increase their activity.

The effect of DeWork and robust reputational systems

For individuals interesting in contributing to DAOs, the DeWork platform presents an open platform and a list of DAOs and open bounties to choose from. Users can also view recommended DAOs by connecting their personal Discord profile to DeWork and responding to a few questions.

Contributors can then construct their DeWork profile — akin to a Web3 resume — and include their wallet info to receive payment. And once DeWork models are available on the Orange Reputation Studio, DAOs can implement reputational systems that allow contributors to port their contributions between spaces on a more meaningful level.

Moving forward, incorporating data models from DeWork will bring together one of the fastest-growing Web3 work contribution platforms with Orange Protocol’s reputational base layer for DAOs and most other Web3 spaces.

With DeWork and Orange, ambitious DAOs and Web3 builders will now have the tools and talent necessary to reach their full potential. And contributors will be able to build valuable reputations for use wherever they go.

About Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol’s vision is to put digital reputations back in the hands of the users, builders, and developers. Our mission is to enable developers to incorporate reputation into dApps, projects, and communities, maximizing the value of each individual’s reputation.

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About DeWork

DeWork is a Web3-native project management with token payments, credentialing, and bounties. Create bounties for contributors, let contributors build their web3 profile, and pay with your own DAO token.

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