Introducing EVM-compatible Blockchains to ChainPlus API Suite is excited to announce the addition of more EVM-compatible blockchains to our ChainPlus API suite of services. This means that developers and businesses can now access a wider range of blockchain infrastructures to build and deploy their applications.

DApp developers and businesses often struggle to find reliable and easy-to-use node infrastructure on blockchains, which can hinder the development and deployment of their applications.

By adding more EVM-compatible blockchains to our suite of services, ChainPlus API is providing developers and businesses with a simple and easy-to-access service that offers the best node infrastructure on blockchains. Those blockchains are Ethereum, IoTeX, Filecoin, Harmony, BSC, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Gnosis and EthStorage Galileo Testnet.

To start using our new EVM-compatible blockchains, simply log in to your account and create a key for your API access. If you don't have an account yet, sign up for free today.

Dora Noda, cofounder of, commented, "we are excited to expand our suite of services by adding more EVM-compatible blockchains to ChainPlus API. This will provide our customers with even more options for node infrastructure and enhance their blockchain development experience."

Nathan Pang, Blockchain Explorer developer at Blockroma, says "we started to use with its Aptos APIs. Now, with the addition of more EVM-compatible blockchains, ChainPlus API has made it easier for us to build and deploy our blockchain applications. The improved node infrastructure has saved us time and effort, allowing us to focus on developing innovative solutions."

Why is adding those 8 EVM blockchains?

We attended ETH Denver, one of the largest Ethereum hackathons in the world. As we walked around the event, we were amazed by the sheer creativity and innovation that was on display. From decentralized finance apps to gaming platforms, the possibilities seemed endless.

But what really struck us was the sense of community and collaboration that permeated the entire event. Developers from all over the world were working together to build new tools and applications that could potentially revolutionize entire industries.

Then we realized just how important the Ethereum ecosystem was becoming, and we knew that this company needed to be a part of it. We made the decision then and there to add Ethereum to its Aptos and Sui API suite, allowing developers to easily integrate Ethereum-based applications into their own projects. at EthDenver at EthDenver

Thanks to our visit to ETH Denver, we were able to see firsthand the power of the Ethereum ecosystem and the potential it had to transform the tech industry. And by adding it to our company's offerings, we were helping to ensure that his own developers would be able to take advantage of all that Ethereum had to offer. Presenting at EthDenver Presenting at EthDenver's Mission

If your mission is to build the killer app 🚀 to bring web3 to everyone in our galaxy, then our mission is to be your best ally. Together, we fight for next-generation decentralization innovations. Join our Discord community to stay in touch.

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