The Intent-Centric Narrative

Ethereum will fail.

Smart contract is a POISON.

We CANNOT trust the code!!

(⚠️ Controversial Opinion)

Yes, Ethereum changed the game with smart contracts.

But this automation is a double-edged sword.

👉 The Problem with Smart Contracts

They execute exactly as programmed - no more, no less. It's like a car on autopilot, strictly following the road, unable to adapt to the unexpected or understand the driver's real needs.

Some autonomous cars already killed pedestrians. We don’t want it to happen on the blockchain.

👉 The Solution: Intent-Centric Smart Contracts

Smart contracts that don't just execute code but understand the 'why' behind your transaction. It's like upgrading from a basic autopilot to an advanced AI that knows your destination and the best route to get there.

👉 Why It Matters ?

Blind code execution leads to rigid, sometimes unfair outcomes. It can't adapt to changing circumstances or understand complex user intentions. This limitation is especially pronounced in DeFi where one-size-fits-all solutions often overlook individual user needs.

👉 Intent-Centric Approach:

These advanced contracts assess your intent – whether you're investing, trading, or participating in a DAO – and adjust their execution accordingly. They're more than just code; they're a bridge between human intention and blockchain technology.

👉 The Bigger Picture:

This isn't just about smarter contracts; it's about a more intuitive, responsive blockchain ecosystem. One where technology serves humans, not the other way around.

The shift from blind code execution to intent-centric smart contracts might be controversial, but it's essential and inevitable.

It's about making Ethereum and other blockchains more adaptive, more equitable, and ultimately more human.

Some innovative DeFi projects are already adopting this intent-centric approach:

  • Essential

  • IntentX

  • CoW

  • Connext

  • UniDex

Nuance: While the intent-centric narrative is very promising, it will co-exist with traditional smart contract because not everything needs to intent-centric.

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