Welcome to Forgotten Playland

Who would’ve thought that a bunch of toys laying around someone’s attic would create their own world of mystery. We’re more than happy to welcome you to Forgotten Playland, a social party game that houses a variety of minigames.

Launching in the first quarter of 2024, it’s time for an elaborate overview.

From abandoned attic to social playground

Ever wondered what happened to that bunch of toys you left unattended for several years? We discovered a captivating story of an abandoned attic in a house that was abruptly deserted by its owners. There are many unknowns that we have yet to discover. We have no clue where the house is located, who lived there or why they suddenly left all of their belongings.

All that is known is the magical world called Forgotten Playland. The once dusty attic has been transformed into a vibrant spacious area that has everything a toy would ever need. With toys from several generations like a telescope, train set and wooden building blocks, you can taste the history just looking around you.

The most important factor of the attic must be the hundreds, if not thousands of plush toys dancing, competing, building and roaming around. Although the space looked clean at first glance, you could smell the fierce sense of competition gushing through the air. What no one ever realized was the dark-side that rose within the plush toys after they had been left abandoned for all these years.

Enter the Social Hub

Your starting point in Forgotten Playland is the Social Hub; a dynamic and interactive online space where players come to hang out and socialize within the game. The Social Hub is the Plushies’ attic where they were left behind. It functions as the starting point for the player’s interaction with the game.

Within the Social Hub, you can find a variety of thematic areas that divide the attic in a number of vibes and themes. Are you in the mood for an uplifting dance-off in the Space Disco Area, or rather go sunbathing at the Beach Bar? There’s something for everyone. Besides roaming around, the Hub is your portal to important aspects of the game;

  • Customization Station – Customize your in-game character

  • Minigame Chest – Compete in thrilling minigames

Customize your Plushie

As a player, you make your way through the game as a Plushie. At first look, they have a very cute appearance with an innocent touch to it. Their dark-side is hidden, and only comes out when triggered the right way. Whereas the base layer of each character is similar, players can customize up to six different traits of their Plushies through the use of cosmetics:

In the Social Hub, the player makes their way to the Customization Station where a wide range of possible adjustments to their character are shown. Naturally, these cosmetics will vary from common to ultra rare ensuring every single Plushie is unique. Collecting these cosmetics is done through ToyBox collections, the first of which to be released prior to the game’s initial launch.

World full of minigames

What’s more fun than playing games with friends? Playing a lot of games with your friends! Inspired by the great names that went before us such as Mario Party, Wii Party and Little Big Planet, it’s safe to say that social games are here to stay. Instead of one storyline a player has to complete, Forgotten Playland is built to continuously increase over time with new minigames.

Players navigate the Plushies through a series of imaginative and competitive minigames, set within the creatively repurposed confines of the attic. Each minigame showcases the Plushies' competitive spirit and challenges the player to stand above the crowd. As of today, there are two minigames that we can reveal – Bump-A-Ball and Jungle Rumble.


Bump-A-Ball is one of the inaugural minigames introduced in Forgotten Playland. Players engage in an exhilarating contest with 2 to 4 players, in which they try to knock each other off a wooden table platform. The platform evolves as saw blades gradually cut it down; shrinking the space and amplifying the difficulty. Players must skilfully balance offensive and defensive tactics, with the goal of being the last one standing amidst the intense competition.

Jungle Rumble

Jungle Rumble is another thrilling minigame introduced in the first release of Forgotten Playland! Players navigate a vibrant jungle-themed area, dodging obstacles - as well as each other - to become the last Plushie standing. The lively chaos of different obstacles creates an unpredictable adventure that intensifies every passing second.

To be released…

Forgotten Playland is intentionally built in a way where we can always iterate fast and ship new games in relatively short timeframes. The core of the game should be steady and enjoyable, but we believe that new experiences keep players entertained, and not endless refinement of what’s already there.

Upon release, Forgotten Playland will launch with Bump-A-Ball and Jungle Rumble but there are dozens of other minigames that are already being actively worked on. There’s no limit to the number of games that can be played in the attic as the Plushies imagination can’t be contained.

Brought to you by Vermilion Studios

Forgotten Playland is developed by Vermilion Studios. Vermilion Studios is a joint gaming studio of Merit Circle and Duckland Games, consisting of a team of seasoned game developers, lead by an industry veteran with decades of experience at EA, Ubisoft and many more.

Day-to-day it means that the game and its correlated blockchain elements are built by a dedicated team of skilled game developers, working around the clock to bring Forgotten Playland to life.

Through Vermilion, our goal is to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 audiences; by combining the best of both worlds. Giving players the possibility to trade their cosmetic NFTs on the blockchain, provides freedom and all the benefits of the blockchain. While making an enjoyable experience it also brings value to the game as a whole.

See you in the attic

With the days of the game’s release coming closer, it’s hard to contain our excitement. Through sharing clips on our socials of the gameplay you can expect, we’ve seen the anticipation of our future players grow by the day. Starting off with two minigames, it’s a matter of time until the next adventures for our Plushies begin. All we can say for now is – See you in the attic!

Stay tuned as we explore Forgotten Playland!

Website: forgottenplayland.com
Discord: discord.gg/forgottenplayland

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