Forgotten Playland token (FP) – IDO Instructions

It’s with excitement that we may announce that the Forgotten Playland (FP) token will be made widely available on the 21st of February through Uniswap. To ensure the widespread distribution of the token up front, anyone passing the purchase conditions (see more on that below) is given the opportunity to participate in the Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDO) on ApeTerminal.

Read along to find out more about how you can participate in the IDO and purchase FP tokens.

About Ape Terminal

As one of the fastest growing launchpads in the industry, Ape Terminal has successfully launched a wide variety of projects in the past couple of months. Given their strong presence, and transparent ways of operating, it’s exciting that they are hosting FP’s IDO on the platform.

Key details about the sale

Let’s start off with the most important details about the sale;

Ticker: FP
Blockchain Network: Ethereum
Token Supply: 10,000,000,000
Project Valuation: $40,000,000
Initial Market Cap: $2,200,000
Platform Raise: $250,000
FP Token Price: $0.004
Total Winning Tickets: 1000
Redemption amount: 250 USDC per ticket

How to participate in the IDO

Ape Terminal allows anyone to subscribe to the sale by simply heading over to the sale page, connecting your wallet and pressing a button. It's as simple as that. The subscription period lasts until the 19th of February, whereafter the winners are randomly selected using a smart contract.

IMPORTANT: Winners are obliged to KYC before being able to make their purchase. Those who win, pass the KYC and successfully purchase FP tokens, can redeem their FP tokens starting on the 21st of February.

Subscription period

14th February 14:00 - 19th Feb 07:00 UTC

Starting the 14th of February, anyone can opt-in to participate in the IDO by heading over to Ape Terminal. Please ensure that you are following the official links.


  • Participants must have at least $50 worth of tokens (Ethereum chain) in their connected wallet.

  • The more you engage on socials, the greater the chances of winning.

  • Create an account to make the checkout process during the purchase phase smoother.

  • We strongly recommend you to KYC directly when opting to participate to ensure you’ve passed all requirements to participate if you end up winning.

Snapshot period

19th Feb 07:00 UTC

After allowing users to sign up for several days, it’s time to select those who are eligible to participate. Winners are randomly selected with VRF-based selection, and all winners are displayed after the sale on Ape Terminal’s website.


  • Hold min. 200 USDC tokens (Ethereum chain)

  • The snapshot will take place at 19th Feb 07:00 UTC

  • Failure to maintain this balance during the Snapshot Period will result in ineligibility.

  • Once again we strongly recommend you to KYC as soon as possible to ensure you’ve passed all requirements to participate if you end up winning.

Purchase period

19th Feb 16:00 UTC - 20th Feb 16:00 UTC

Ape Launchpad uses a smart contract to randomly select the winners of the IDO among all of those who have opted in to participate. Starting at the 19th Feb 16:00 UTC you'll be able to check your participation to see if you're a winner. If you won, you have until 20th Feb 16:00 UTC to make your purchase.


  • You can only use USDC to purchase FP tokens.

  • You must have passed KYC before you can participate in the sale. If you do not KYC, you can not participate in the IDO, even if you are a winner.

  • In the case you do not manage to purchase FP tokens before the purchase period ends, your allocation will not be eligible for redemption.

Redemption period

Starting the 21st of February

After the purchase period, the waiting time starts. On the 21st of February, the token generation event for the FP token will take place. This is the moment that the token will be created and those that have purchased FP tokens through Ape Terminal may then redeem their allocated tokens.


  • To redeem allocated IDO tokens, participants will need to pay blockchain gas fees which may vary due to network conditions.

Stay tuned as we explore the Forgotten Playland!


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS/DISCLOSURES: Seller of the FP tokens is Plushie Bears Ltd., a British Virgin Islands company. This communication (including all content provided herein or elsewhere relating to this subject matter) has been prepared based upon information from sources believed to be reliable, data and other information from such sources, but such information has not independently been verified and this communication makes no representations about the enduring accuracy of the information or its appropriateness for a given situation.

This communication is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal, business, investment, financial or tax advice. You should consult your own advisers as to those matters. References to any digital assets and the use of finance-related terminology are for illustrative purposes only, and do not constitute any recommendation for any action or an offer to provide investment, financial or other advisory services. This content may not under any circumstances be relied upon when making a decision to purchase any digital asset referenced herein. There can be no assurance that the purchases mentioned herein will be profitable. The digital assets referenced in this report currently face an uncertain regulatory landscape in several jurisdictions. The legal and regulatory risks inherent in referenced digital assets are not the subject of this content. The content speaks only as of the date indicated.

Persons and entities from certain restricted jurisdictions are not entitled to participate in the IDO, including US persons (including entities), or persons or entities (or entities controlled by persons) on sanctions list of the OFAC or any other US, UN, EU or other applicable sanctions list.

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