Forgotten Playland raises $7M to build a next generation social party game

It’s with great excitement that we may announce the closure of our very first funding round with reputable names like Merit Circle, Spartan Group, C2 Ventures & Paper Ventures and various others. Raising $7M allows us to think bigger and broader than we ever could. We are here to redefine social party games, one minigame at a time.

Enter Forgotten Playland

It was March 2023 when the founders of Merit Circle stumbled upon a passionate group of seasoned game developers. Eagerly wandering around for the latest in gaming, they had a burning desire to pick up their tools once again, and release a new title. Hearing this, and realizing the gaps in the current gaming landscape that were left unexplored, an idea was born.

The conversations continued and intensified as the idea of a playground for abandoned toys came to be. Inspired as they were, the team of game developers immediately took it upon themselves to create a first build of the game. Later that year, on May 19th, a first playable version of the game was displayed during the Merit Circle DAO’s community event in Amsterdam.

Overwhelmed by the response from the community who had their first go at the game, we soon realized the potential of Forgotten Playland. Instead of overcomplicating the release of a game and continuously iterating tiny details, we felt that small minigames would make much more impact. Brief experiences where you can challenge yourself, and more importantly, your friends.

Forgotten Playland will release in the first quarter of 2024 with a range of minigames. Bump-A-Ball and Jungle Rumble are currently confirmed, but more games are already in development.

Fuel for greatness

We’ve been fortunate to be born out of an idea by both a veteran gaming studio, and a team with seasoned experience within the blockchain space. This combination grants us a team of skilled game developers, smart contract engineers and an extensive network within the gaming, and web3 industry. As displayed in the closure of this funding round, we currently have a powerful network to tap into.

The attraction of talent is an ongoing process that will never truly be done. Whereas we currently have more than 25 people dedicated to bringing Forgotten Playland to life, having names like Merit Circle, Spartan Group, C2 Ventures & Paper Ventures open up their networks to more talent is invaluable. It’s nothing short of motivating to have such a solid base of support driving their resources to bring this game to market.

Stay tuned as we explore Forgotten Playland!


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