Launching ETFs in the DEFI field for the first time, can BLK Whale push Defi to a new climax?
January 19th, 2022

Unlike most Defi products, BLK whale has added virtual currency ETF derivatives to the Defi ecosystem. Will the birth of BLK whale push the Defi field to a new climax?

01project name

BLK whale

02project track


03Project Description

The first ETF crypto derivatives on the DEFI space

04Project Introduction

BLK whale is the first Defi protocol to create crypto ETF derivatives, implementing various ETF derivatives in Defi that cannot be done in Cefi. Users can mint ETF tokens designed to track an index of various valuable tokens from multiple exchanges around the world in real time. BLK Whale manages the ETF tokens together through the USDB token, ensuring that there is always sufficient collateral in the protocol to cover the ETF tokens. The minting of ETF tokens is decentralized, allowing users to open positions and deposit collateral. In addition, the ETF token discloses the real asset situation of the token to support traders to trade these assets with more confidence.

ETF is short for “Exchange Traded Fund”. The most important difference between ETFs traded on the stock market and other mutual funds is that mutual funds can be sold at specific times, such as the close of business. ETFs don’t have time to determine when to sell.

BLK Whale integrates decentralized ETF derivatives into the crypto world. The first DeFi protocol, BLK Whale, manages ETF tokens by listing them against USDB and ensuring there is always enough collateral to cover the ETF tokens in the protocol.

ETF token minting is done in a decentralized manner, which allows users to open positions and deposit collateral. ETF tokens, on the other hand, disclose the real assets of the tokens to support traders in owning or trading those assets.

What features does BLK Whale offer users?

➡ ETF tokens can be minted, aiming to watch the global coin index in real time.
➡ They can mint derivatives using BLK and USDB coins as collateral.
➡ Existing or new projects can cooperate with Black Whale through governance voting.
➡ They can earn APY (APR) through fixed income.
➡ They create synthetic assets to gain LP, which they can use for rewards.
➡ They can be rewarded by providing liquidity.
➡ They can earn APY (APR) through various staking program tools.
➡ They can vote on topics such as synthetic asset listings, fee income share, staking instruments, pao, various ETF portfolios, and BLK improvement proposals.
➡ For users who have been referred: If you participate in Staking, Liquidity pool, fixed income plan, you will get 3% APR as a reward.

BLK whale has added virtual currency ETF derivatives into the Defi ecosystem. There are five types in total. Users can directly purchase and trade in the DApp, and participate in different sections to obtain high returns.

05Project Roadmap

Q1 2021
BLK whale project epoch-making Billboard marketing plan launched
BLK DApp development on Binance BSC completed, Huobi Heco Chain
BLK and ETF derivatives ecosystem completed entertainment program production completed
Q3 2021
BLK additional development completed “A, B” round and public sale
2021 Q3-Q4
BLK Whales to reach global public with epoch-making Billboard marketing
BLK Whale DApp Lists BLK Token
Cross-chain development, bridge implementation, project endorsement engine deployment, launchpad (PAO) decentralization
Leverage-based crypto ETF derivatives development
CEX listing (under discussion)

06Team information

CEO David Lee and CTO Frank Cao are key members of the KAKA NFT WORLD team.

YUTING REN: Responsible for Asian asset management in McCormick Family, a top asset management company in the traditional financial market in the United States.

James Im: Ranked in various cryptocurrency investment competitions including Bithumb.

KANG RO YOON: The legendary figure who enjoys Apgujeong-dong in Korea, the founder of KR Investment.

Andy Lee Team: An experienced professional trading team, Andy Lee is in South Korea, and has won the top 5 outstanding results in stocks, futures and options, and ETF competitions. He has served as a financial advisor and manager of various financial investment groups. Since 2018, he has been operating An investment club of over 1000 people, as a cryptocurrency legend, has a considerable following.

(For more team information, please pay attention to the BLK official website)

07Financing Information

A and B rounds plus Gongmu round raised a total of 1.7 million US dollars. The project has been publicly raised in DODO, and the number and amount are relatively small.

08Token Information

Token Name: BLK
Price: $1.72
Total Supply: 600,000,000
Economic Model:

Secondary market value
Listed on the exchange: PancakeSwap

09project link

Twitter :

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