Benchmarking the boring ape, bullish 1500%, HAPEBEAST will lead the NFT trend!

" HAPEBEAST is leading the next generation of NFT fashion as a project led by members of the viral Boring Ape Yacht Club."

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The community is hot, HAPEBEAST has a bright start

HAPEBEAST, which has not yet officially launched NFT, has already made huge waves in the NFT world with its trendy design and advanced concepts. Super stylish ape combined with NFT, eye-catching 3D artwork has fans raving about HAPEBEAST.

The super popularity of HAPEBEAST can be seen directly from their official community. At present, HAPEBEAST has accumulated more than 210,000 Twitter followers and nearly 400,000 Discord community members!

Led by star project members, leading the new trend of NFT

London-based digital artist Matt Sypien (aka Digimental) is the mastermind behind HAPEBEAST. He is also a core member of the BAYC project.

Inspired by streetwear, 90s hip hop, contemporary haute couture, and more, the HAPEBEAST project has resulted in a revolutionary NFT collection that provides cultural history in reverse through stunning aesthetic 3D renderings. Built around 8,192 unique NFTs initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, bringing together style, technology and community and establishing HAPES as the next generation of fashion leaders.

Matt Sypien deftly combines streetwear and apes to create a masterful art collection. HAPEBEAST itself adopted the term "hypebeast," which according to Merriam Webster's dictionary means "a person who is dedicated to buying fashion items, especially clothing and shoes."

"We are the first in the field to really create a synergy between fashion and the metaverse," says HAPEBEAST. "Developing this project to differentiate its visual form, we have focused on the details of the art, right down to every garment, accessory and cultural reference. Our goal is that by focusing on launching a unique project and building a community, HAPEBEAST will The ability to seamlessly and harmoniously merge the metaverse with real life."

story background

A star-studded ceremony, two million years ago. Lightning struck the boulder and the universe shattered. The great apes are divided into 10,000 tribes that, although different, are familiar with each other. Every ape is unique. Every ape is beautiful. Every ape is loved, every ape is a family, no matter how different they are, no matter where they are now.

Meanwhile, at the heart of the shattered multiverse, the original HAPES await the return of the entire family. They wait, they build their style, they work at Hapewalk, they plan a bigger future.

OG exclusive? How can I get HAPE NFT?

According to the Hapebeast team, the NFT minting date has been set for January 19, 2022. And each Hape will be minted at 0.2 ETH + gas.

So how can I get HAPE NFT?

It is not easy to get a HAPE NFT for a project that is super popular and will become the next star. So, how do you get one?

If you are an early backer (OG) of the project, you can mint up to two NFTs at launch. Otherwise, you will have to go to a whitelist or so called "HAPELIST". To do this, you must be an "outstanding member" of society. This means that those who create art, music, poetry, food or just about anything represent HAPE.

But, at the same time Digimum points out, you don't need artistic skills to be a part of the community. "It's a community-driven project," he explained. “We want everyone to have a fair chance. We all hate sniping bots, gas wars, making the rich richer just because they have assets that give them an edge, So we started from scratch."

High light start, where will you go in the future?

The HAPEBEAST project has also developed a roadmap, divided into three phases. But for now, the team has not released more information on the details of the roadmap.


Still, Digimental hinted at "more exciting things" ahead. “It’s really surprising that we have more exciting stuff,” he said. “I personally think the third phase of the roadmap will be a game-changer in the NFT world.”

With advanced artistic NFT design, massive loyal project fans, and highly active community interaction, HAPEBEAST has shown unlimited potential before the official NFT casting. We can fully expect the further development of the project. If you are interested in this If you are interested in the project, you must do your own research in all aspects.

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