Zzoopers are here! Get ready for the cross-metaverse adventure!
May 7th, 2022

Hi Oasisians!

When we were kids, most of us enjoyed animal stories. Even after growing up, a lot of us are still fascinated by animations such as Zootopia. We believe it is because these stories inherently promote a world of acceptance, tolerance and peaceful co-existence, something we all dream of.

Therefore we have united to create the Zzoopers, a world of unique animal avatars for our journey to the metaverses. In the world of Zzoopers, we practice acceptance instead of prejudice and we celebrate one another for what makes us unique.

Cecilia Maple, the founding contributor of MetaOasis DAO, said: “I grew up seeing a lot of prejudices and stereotypes around. Our team united with the belief that we can break the boundaries in the Web 3.0 universe. We created the Zzoopers as unique animal avatars for the metaverse to promote acceptance and co-existence, so that anyone can bravely show and celebrate their differences, and that it’s okay to let your freak flag fly.”

Meet the Zzoopers and let us embark on an exciting cross-metaverse adventure together!

Zzoopers Genesis: Unique 3D Voxel NFT Collection

Zzoopers Genesis is an NFT collection of 5555 unique 3D voxel avatars of animal characters on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are 10 unique animal species in the Zzoopers — Tiger 🐯, Elephant 🐘, Panda 🐼, Unicorn 🦄️, Cheetah 🐆, Elk 🦌, Fox 🦊, Monkey 🐒, Penguin 🐧, and Rabbit 🐰, each with unique and distinct personalities.

In each metaverse, the Zzoopers will be empowered with different features and abilities.

What kinds of quests and journeys will you conquer with your Zzoopers? Let us wait and see. 👀

As the genesis collection, holders of the Zzoopers will be able to unlock many utilities to accompany their journey to many different metaverses.

Join Discord to get whitelisted

The whitelist giveaway is live in our Discord. If you are passionate about the Zzoopers and share the same vision, join our Discord and #Get-Whitelist Channel where you can win the whitelist.

Meanwhile, various gaming competitions will be hosted on our Discord and the winners will be rewarded whitelists. 🎨 🎮 🤞

Here we go: discord.gg/MXmgNwawVR

Zzoopers Assemble! We are ready for crossing the metaverses!

Stay tuned for more upcoming news about the Zzoopers.

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