MetaOasis DAO Council update
January 18th, 2022

Attendees: @0xTokugwa, @CeciliaMaple, @JZ
Topics: Updates of the DAO

  1. Land Purchase
    Concluded the purchase of two 3x3 estates in the Sandbox.
  2. Fundraising
    Discussed the plans to move forward regarding the cornerstone round including follow ups for potential cornerstone investors connected so far and the plans to meet with further investors and strategic partners.
  3. HQ Building
    Partnered with Season Studio and started the development of HQ building.
    Had discussions with regard to HQ’s blueprint, functional plots and design styles together with Season Studio.
  4. Add-on service to the community
    Started research on different metaverse real estate projects and liaised with research institutions with regard to launch price index and rankings of different virtual land projects in the DAO’s website.
  5. Community Growing
    Launched official website and SNS channels.
    Started the first round campaign of Airdrops and other marketing events.
    Community metrics (as of 13/01/2022):
    Twitter: 1407 (Increase of 300 from last week)
    Discord: 692 (Increase of 20 from last week)
    Medium: 519 (Increase of 82 from last week)
    Telegram: 648 (Increase of 54 from last week)
    LinkedIn: 408 (Increase of 96 from last week)
  6. Community Interaction
    Discussed ideas gathered from the community, which include: (1) the possibility of exchanging virtual lands for $MOS tokens; (2) establish a marketplace specifically for virtual lands; (3) set up a mechanism in the future public sale to avoid whale risk.
    Council members had a meeting with active community members to discuss the next steps and addressed questions.
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