Announcing our partnership with MAY

Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with MAY, a Web3 APP providing next-generation social experience with multi-person live motion capture in immersive worlds.

MAY is a web3 tech company, dedicated to building the metaverse. The APP MAY (Meet Another You), is the “Gateway to Metaverse”. Here, a personalized avatar brings you into the virtual world with your own voice, facial and body expression, enabling you to have a real-time chatting experience and do all sorts of fun activities across the metaverse. In MAY, NFT artists can share their NFTs in the customized showroom to elevate their value, and NFT enthusiasts can collect NFTs in a fully immersed environment.

MetaOasis DAO in MAYverse

Together with them, we have built up our forest-style virtual space in MAYverse where you can play as a Zzooper and wander in. On the strength of the NFT-friendly scene, we will enrich user experience by developing more scenarios. As social events take a significant place in the metaverse ecosystem, MetaOasis DAO will work closely with MAY to update the space and presente a place that allows users to fully explore the potential of Web3 social life. We sincerely invite you to come and interact with anything and anyone here so as to understand our project over all. More surprises are still on the way. Join our Discord for keeping yourself updated.

About MAY — Meet Another You

MAY is the world’s 1st mobile-friendly social Metaverse that enables multi-person interactions without chunky VR equiments.

MAY lowers the barrier to entry into Metaverse and enables mobile users to socialize in hi-fidelity 3D worlds through personalized avatars that mirror their real-time facial expressions, gestures, and voice. MAY also empowers communities to build NFT-based virtual worlds they can own, operate, and trade.

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About MetaOasis DAO

MetaOasis DAO is a metaverse creation platform to help brands & projects, creators and eventually any metaverse users to establish and liven up their presence in the metaverse ecosystems. The goal is to make it easier to establish a presence in the metaverse.

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