MetaOasis DAO Council update #6
April 21st, 2022

Attendees: 0xTokugawa, 0xCM, 0xJZ

Topics: Updates of the DAO

1. Land Portfolio Expanded Acquired 9 additional lands to the DAO’s treasury since the last council update (March 31); Currently holds a total of45 lands over 7 promising virtual land projects, including @TheSandboxGame @nftworldsNFT@Worldwide_WEB3 @TheTreeverse @NetVRk1 @themetroverse and @arcadedotinc (click here for details:

2.Research and investment in Virtual Lands Revealed the landscape map of Metaverse land projects, covering virtual land projects regarding open metaverse, gaming and display. Click here for projects’ details.

Rewards are set for those who filled out DAO’s Metaverse Land Projects Recommendation Form. We welcome all open suggestions and proposals on promising land projects; please head to DAO’s discord channel to learn more details.

3. DAO’s First Avatar series — Zzoopers
We have formed a strategic partnership with KuCoin, a leading crypto exchange, to launch the Zzoopers NFT series.

Launch the avatar marketing plan to increase DAO’s awareness and exposure and get ready for the upcoming NFT sale; the specific details, including the mint date&price, will be announced soon. Please keep an eye on DAO’s official twitter&discord.

4. Development progress of City Oasis (DAO’s HQ)

Submitted application to join the upcoming Alpha Season 3.
Developing City Oasis: Special Ops and exp based on City Oasis specifically designed for Alpha Season 3.

One of the DAO’s core contributors participated in the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and had insightful conversations with members of The Sandbox team.

5. Community Building
Specific roles assigned to DAO’s community members to prioritize resources; check #✅ verify-yourself channel in discord to find out more details.
Hosted an AMA with @CandyDAO_eth — A crypto community led by one of our community members for our beloved Chinese fans.

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