MetaOasis DAO Council update #2
February 2nd, 2022

Attendees: @0xTokugawa, @CeciliaMaple, @ JZ

  1. Land Purchase
    Acquired 6 additional lands to the DAO’s treasury since last council update (Jan 12); Currently holds a total of 24 lands in The Sandbox that includes 2 3x3 estates. (click here for details:

  2. Fundraising
    Further Discussed the plans to move forward regarding the cornerstone round including follow ups for potential cornerstone investors connected so far and more meetings scheduled in the coming weeks.

  3. City Oasis (DAO’s HQ)
    MetaOasis Dao has received coverage from media such as Yahoo Finance and Business Wire. Links to the articles.
    Have reached out and connected with The Sandbox team.
    Connected with the Harvard Blockchain Club to discuss potential collaborations inside City Oasis.

  4. Add-on service to the community
    Established a 24*7 moderator team for the DAO’s community
    Discussed and conducted research on a number of ideas gathered from the community (such as data analytics).
    Created a database of metaverse designers and creators for future collaboration opportunities.

  5. Official Website
    We have made some upgrades to our website.

  6. Community Building

    Community grew rapidly since last council meeting update. Started the second round campaign of airdrops and other marketing events.

    Community metrics (as of 02/02/2022):

    Twitter: 13,184 (Increase of 11,777 from last council meeting update)

    Discord: 8,466 (Increase of 7,774 from last council meeting update)

    Medium: 755 (Increase of 236 from last council meeting update)

    Telegram: 26,523 (Increase of 25,875 from last council meeting update)

    Learn more about MetaOasis DAO:

    WebsiteTwitterDiscordTelegram | Snapshot

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