A sneak peek at what’s been happening in our HQ development!
January 20th, 2022

Since we officially formed the collaboration last week, the designers at Season Studio have been working really hard and putting so much energy into our HQ project. Indeed, we are impressed by their creativity, thorough thoughts and considerations when we had a call last weekend to go over style alternatives and function choices.

In light of the voxel art style of the Sandbox metaverse where our HQ is located, after evaluating a number of architectural styles, the designers believe that Moroccan architectural style will go very well for our HQ.

“Moroccan style architecture will definitely appear well as voxel arts in the Sandbox. We would also like to take this opportunity to commemorate the world-renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, who recently passed away. Many of Ricardo Bofill’s works were inspired by elements of Moroccan style.” — Rjet, Lead Designer of the Season Studio.

One of Bofill’s most iconic projects, Walden 7 (named after a utopian community from the 1940s sci-fi novel Walden Two), represented his utopian vision for social living. The building is recognized for retaining a strong sense of community spirit.

We believe the ideas behind Walden 7 resonates with the vision of the MetaOasis DAO. We envision a DAO that unifies metaverse enthusiasts, investors, designers and developers to form a strong community.

A wonderland built upon ruins of an ancient civilization

Imagine a new city rising from the ruins of what was once a mysterious and advanced ancient civilization, with many monuments such as ancient dungeons, aqueducts and a sacred temple that are waiting for brave DAO members to explore. Surrounding the ruins, there are charming buildings, squares, places and exciting games that citizens and travellers hang out, meet, play and have fun.

Welcome to City Oasis, the headquarter of MetaOasis DAO.

Enough background story. Now let’s take a look at some blueprints and pictures:

An aerial view of the entire plot
An aerial view of the entire plot
A 3D sketch model
A 3D sketch model
A racetrack on the roof of the buildings
A racetrack on the roof of the buildings
Entrance to the ancient monuments
Entrance to the ancient monuments

In the next update, we will release more information on the type of experiences to be expected in our HQ. Please stay tuned!

Want to join a passionate and creative community to build something in the metaverse together?

You have come to the right place!

The MetaOasis DAO welcomes everyone who is excited about the opportunities in the metaverse. Join us to invest, design and build on virtual lands and have fun together in the metaverse!

Check us out! 👉 https://discord.gg/wTfMVkFQQV

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