MetaOasis DAO Council update #5 - MetaOasisDAO - Medium
April 2nd, 2022

Attendees: @CeciliaMaple, @JZ, @0xTokugawa

1. Snapshot Proposal on a strategic collaboration

  • Operation Council put forward a snapshot vote regarding the strategic collaboration with** a top-rank crypto exchange** to promote and list the DAO’s avatar NFT project. The proposal had been approved. For details of the Snapshot result, please refer to the link below.

2. Development progress of City Oasis (DAO’s HQ)

  • Optimizing HQ’s current interior designs and gameplays based on inspirations/insights from The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 for improved user experiences.
  • Released an updated demo. View here:
  • Commenced decoration of the gallery to exhibit NFTs for our partners and cooperating projects.

3. Partnerships and cooperations

  • Formed strategic partnership with one of the top-rank crypto exchanges mentioned in the snapshot proposal to promote and list the DAO’s avatar NFT project (the Zzoopers). The exchange will fully support the Zzoopers with its 15,000,000+ users worldwide and comprehensive marketing resources.
  • Formed collaboration with Aston Martin (China) & Antmons to explore potential opportunities in metaverse.
  • Formed collaboration with **Melos Studio **(a decentralized music NFTs project) & **FindTruman (**the first Alternative Reality Game in Metaverse) to enrich gameplay and user experience with exciting music and storylines to build on the DAO’s land assets in The Sandbox.
  • DomainDAO provided MetaOasis DAO with a customized domain (metaoasis.dao).
  • Partnership with **POD **(a blockchain agnostic on-chain database middleware) to support the Zzoopers with thorough data analysis.
  • Added 10+ 3D voxel artists/develpers/architects into the DAO’s talent database.
  • Commenced the production of physical models of the Zzoopers via 3D printing and hand-painting. Expect to meet them soon!

4. Research and investment on Virtual Lands

  • Completed 30% of the Version 1.0 data analytics tool for metaverse NFT (initially focusing on virtual lands)
  • Preparing DAO’s first research article of virtual lands investment.
  • Conducted intensive research on several virtual land projects in order to expand DAO’s investment portfolio in the future.

5. Updates on Airdrop Event

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