Rebuilt our website to reflect the latest developments and updates

Dear Oasisians!

Last week, we released the new version of our website ( to reflect the latest developments and updates on our vision and positioning. Did you notice that? 💥

We are excited to share our updated view of the future development of the metaverse sector and how MetaOasis DAO is positioned for this.

Since 2021, everyone has been talking about the metaverse, and tech giants can’t wait to enter the market. According to a report from Citi, TAM(Total Available Market) of the metaverse by 2030 will be $8–13 trillion. We believe that with the exponential growth potential of the metaverse, more and more brands, projects and creators will be attracted to build a presence in the metaverse.

Therefore, MetaOasis DAO aims to be a metaverse creation platform to help brands & projects, creators and eventually any metaverse users to establish and liven up their presences in the metaverse ecosystems.


  • Solutions for brands, projects and creators to build and establish their presences in metaverse.

For brands/IPs and projects, MetaOasis DAO can offer a one-stop solution to help them plan, design and build attractive experiences in the leading Web3 metaverse ecosystems along with NFT customization, branding and marketing services.

Over the past several months, we have received high interests from many leading Web2 and Web3 brands/projects and have successfully collaborated to build branded assets in the metaverse.

Moreover, we have successfully launched our first self-owned metaverse-native IP: The Zzoopers Genesis NFT collection. We have demonstrated the interoperability potential of The Zzoopers across multiple metaverse platforms and have successfully showcased them in The Sandbox, GTA5 and May. If you have any business-related inquiries, please contact us at or reach out to us at our SNS channels. 👍

Zzoopers in the Sandbox
Zzoopers in the Sandbox

For creators, especially those who are new to the metaverse platforms, they will have to learn the mechanics and tools of each platform and have to build most things from scratch. In light of that, we are building a metaverse academy to provide training courses as well as a skill-sharing hub. On the other hand, we are also building an ”Asset Library” to provide reusable materials and templates that can boost productivity and reduce the barrier of entry of making a creation in the metaverse.

Keep BUIDLing, Keep Moving

In July, we successfully closed a $1.5 million seed round supported by KuCoin Ventures and Windvane. Other investors and angels include Stratified Capital and NFTScan.

Our first metaverse game experience “City Oasis: Special Ops” has been officially greenlighted to launch in the Sandbox Alpha Season 3. It is scheduled to be open on October 4th.

Also don’t forget to check out our latest roadmap on our website. 💪Join us to be a part of the growing creator economy in the metaverse!

About MetaOasis DAO

MetaOasis DAO is a metaverse creation platform to help brands & projects, creators and eventually any metaverse users to establish and liven up their presence in the metaverse ecosystems. The goal is to make it easier to establish a presence in the metaverse.

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