MetaOasis is here to invite you to start a new paradigm of virtual real estate in the metaverse era
January 5th, 2022

“People come to the Oasis for all the things they can do, but they stay because of all the things they can be.” — Wade Watts, ‘Ready Player One’

Hello World!

Today, we are excited to introduce ourselves and hereby invite you to join us to get involved early in the upcoming metaverse evolution to capture a share of the fast growing potentials of virtual real estate investment and development in the metaverse.

What is MetaOasis?

The “Metaverse” has been a hot topic recently, and with industry giants such as Facebook (now renamed itself Meta) and Microsoft putting big bets on it, it is considered by many to be the “Next Big Thing” or the next phase of the internet. According to the analysis published by Bloomberg Intelligence on December 1, 2021, the global metaverse market could become a $800 billion market opportunity in 2024, attracting many online game makers, social networks and other technology companies to capture a share of the opportunity.

And we ask ourselves what does this blooming market mean for average people like you and me? Besides being just a normal user or visitor of the metaverse, is it possible there are more we can do? We believe the answer is “Yes”, and through MetaOasis we can start a new paradigm of virtual real estate investment and development in the age of the metaverse.

Our Vision

The MetaOasis aims to be a gateway of ownership in the metaverse through investment and development of the lands. The goal is to provide a more accessible means to invest, develop and collaborate on community-owned metaverse lands and real estate together, so everyone, even people with limited capital resources, can have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the evolution of the metaverse and to share the returns from this rapidly growing sector.

MetaOasis DAO

Complying with the value proposition of Web3.0, MetaOasis is structured as a DAO so it can be governed by the self-driven community. The MetaOasis DAO token ($MOS) enables the holder to gain exposure to the real estate portfolio of the DAO and to participate in the DAO’s governance. The DAO will collaboratively make decisions to build and develop an outstanding portfolio of metaverse real estates.

Features of MetaOasis DAO


MetaOasis DAO greatly reduces the barrier of entry for our members in metaverse real estate investment. With as little as one $MOS token, our community members are able to seamlessly gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of land assets instead of having to choose between making a substantial investment for a single piece of land asset or having no exposure at all.


MetaOasis DAO members can easily adjust their levels of exposure to metaverse real estate by simply buying or selling their tokens. This greatly increases liquidity compared to buying or selling individual land assets. Valuation of $MOS token is supported by not only the market perception of the fair value of the treasury assets but also the upside potentials from future developments and growth of the DAO.

Economies of scale with group talents

With better economies of scale from a managed pool of land assets, members of the MetaOasis DAO can submit development proposals for the underlying assets with the treasury funds, this is much easier and cost-efficient compared to a small investor having to develop an individual asset independently.

Independent designers or developers with a great idea but with limited resources to acquire lands themselves can now collaborate with the MetaOasis DAO to develop great experiences together on the land assets and earn DAO rewards.

Join the MetaOasis DAO Now

We believe together through MetaOasis DAO, we can lead and start a new paradigm of virtual real estate development and investment in the age of metaverse. MetaOasis DAO welcomes all of you who are interested in the metaverse, especially if you are excited about the development opportunities on metaverse lands.

Join us and embark on this exciting journey together!

Follow our channels to learn more and get updates. More development proposals will be live on snapshots once they become available.


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