MetaOasis DAO Council update #8

Attendees: 0xCM, 0xJZ, 0xTokugawa

Topics: Updates of the DAO

Partnership Announcement

  • Announced the strategic partnership with a leading crypto exchange: KuCoin, which was covered by mainstream media such as Yahoo Finance and Business Wire.

DAO’s First Avatar Series — Zzoopers Marketing Campaign Launched

  • KuCoin’s marketplace WindVane officially announced Zzoopers as its debut project.
  • Launched Zzoopers official Website. Explore here 👉
  • Initiated Zzoopers Twitter Space Carnival with 20+ projects & leading twitter influencers involved; hosted 9 spaces as of 17/06/2022 in English and Chinese to discuss hot topics among Web3, Metaverse and NFTs. Total of 4,000+ audiences tuned in.
  • Collaborated with 50+ projects and influencers to giveaway 500+ WL spots.
  • Attracted attention of several YouTubers to share Zzoopers with their followers. Feel free to check them out 👇
  • Hosted the first AMA at our Discord channel.
  • Attended #Consensus2022 and will be attending #NFTNYC.
  • Based on the current market situation, feedback from the community and discussion with our strategic partner KuCoin, Zzoopers’ original mint date on 20/06/2022 is postponed slightly for a proper market window. Click for details and please stay tuned for further updates.

Bridging Zzoopers PFP NTF with The Sandbox Avatars

  • Had a monthly sync meeting with The Sandbox team, confirmed that the Zzoopers genesis PFP NFTs will be bridged to The Sandbox game environment — in the same way that BAYC & World of Women series were bridged.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

  • City Oasis: Special Ops has officially been greenlighted for The Sandbox Alpha Season 3. Get ready to meet some of the Zzoopers in the metaverse next month!

“What’s Your Spirit Animal in Web 3.0?” Test

  • In the process of finalising a marketing campaign called “What’s Your Spirit Animal in Web 3.0?”. It is a 5s TEST that anlayze your footprints to match you with your Spirit Animal in the Web3 world. More details will be revealed soon!

Community Metrics (as of 17/06/2022):

Thanks to our avatar campaign, our community has been growing rapidly!

  • Twitter: 45,494(Increase of 20k+ since the avatar campaign launched)
  • Discord: 39,204 (Increase of 22k+ since the avatar campaign launched)
  • Medium: 864 (Increase of 10+ since the avatar campaign launched)

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