MetaOasis DAO Council update #4
March 16th, 2022

Attendees: @CeciliaMaple, @JZ, @0xTokugawa
Topics: Updates of the DAO

  1. Snapshot Proposal
    Council members voted on moving forward fully with the avatar NFT collaboration with Season Studio with the result of 8.6M $MOS( 100% approve, 0% reject). For details of the Snapshot result, please refer the the link below.

  2. City Oasis (DAO’s HQ)
    90% of the development in City Oasis has been completed since our last update.
    Applying for the Sandbox Alpha Season 3.
    Revealed two more Zzoopers — 🐯 Tigre 🐯 & 🐰 Bila🐰 along with their backstories.
    Giveaway events with the Sandbox are on the way to our fans.
    Created the media kit with the HQ’s sneak peek & Zzoopers collection to keep the community updated. Click for details:

  3. Project Development
    Formed partnership with several NFT projects including BCA, Blockwars, Weirdo Ghost Gang & Knight to enrich the varieties of user experience in City Oasis.

  4. Marketing Activity
    Twitter Space scheduled on 25th March with EasyFi — a Layer 2 Defi Lending protocol for digital assets powered by Matic Network to discuss the topic of why real estate in the metaverse is booming and How to get in. Free $USDTs will be airdropped to the participants!
    Collaborated with 14 projects on Whitelist giveaway to reward community members.
    Scheduled the first AMA event in the discord server, please stay tuned for further details.

  5. DAO Participation Form
    Created the participation form for DAO’s early contributors, the team will review each submission to assign the applicants appropriate roles/tasks based on their area of specialty. Click here to apply:

    Learn more about MetaOasis DAO:

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