MetaOasis DAO Council update #9

Attendees: 0xCM, 0xJZ, 0xTokugawa

Topics: Updates of the DAO

  1. Seed Round Closed
  • MetaOasis DAO has closed a $1.5 million seed round supported by @kucoinwindvane & @KuCoin Ventures. Other investors and angels include @StratifiedCap and @nftscan_com .
  • The private round will start in the coming weeks, we are preparing to meet all venture capitals and investors who see a promising future in us. Feel free to reach out to our founding contributor — cecilia@metaoasis.funfor more details.

2. DAO’s First Avatar series — Zzoopers Mint Started

  • Our genesis NFT collection #Zzoopers started its pre-mint on 11th, July, followed by the public mint on 12th, July.
  • As of 18/07/2022, Zzoopers has over 1,400 owners with 42.9ETH trading volume in total on OpenSea. Check out the details here.
  • Zzoopers ranked #5 and listed Top Five of the week (07.11–07.15) on MintyScore.
  • 200 Zzoopers blind boxes sold out on Bitkeep in 1 hour with 16ETH trading volume in total.
  1. “What’s Your Spirit Animal in Web 3.0?” Test Launched
  • Our exclusive “Spirit Animal Test” went live on 8th, July. Over 1,100+ Web3ers participated, Rabbit came out to be the most popular and common animal for our fans, followed by Unicorn, Panda, Monkey, Deer, Cheetah, Fox, Elephant, Penguin, and Tiger.
  • The test is still up and running, head over to , and don’t miss out on the chance of getting 0.1ETH mint rebate.

4. Partnerships and cooperations

  • Partnered with X2Y2 & Bitkeep to enrich Zzoopers online exposure and audience coverage.

5. The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

  • City Oasis: Special Ops will be available to visit in August.
  • The Sandbox COO received our physical Zzoopers and shared his love and support with his followers on Twitter.

6. On-going AMAs in MetaOasis DAO & KuCoin & Bitkeep’s Social Media Platform

  • Hosted 3 AMAs in MetaOasis DAO’s official discord channel with 1,000+ fans tuned in.
  • DAO’s founding contributor — JZ attended 2 AMAs in KuCoin’s discord channel to share our mission and vision with KuCoin’s fans and followers.
  • Attended Bitkeep’s AMA on its Telegram group.
  • There will be more AMAs coming with various topics in our discord channel, please stay tuned!

7. Community metrics (as of 18/07/2022):

  • Twitter: 60,900 (Increase of 15k+ since the avatar campaign launched)
  • Discord: 64,204 (Increase of 25k+ since the avatar campaign launched)

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