MetaOasis DAO Council update #7

Attendees: 0xCM, 0xJZ, 0xTokugawa
Topics: Updates of the DAO

  • Land Portfolio Continuously Expanded
    Acquired 19 additional lands to the DAO’s treasury since the last council update (April 21); Currently holds a total of 64 lands over 8 promising virtual land projects including the recent popular land project @Otherside by Yuga Labs (click here for details:

DAO’s First Avatar series — Zzoopers Marketing Campaign Launched

  • Zzoopers Website will be revealed this week.
  • Reached out to 200+ projects and collaborated with 17 of them to give away WL spots.
  • Collaborated with Twitter influencers for WL giveaway.
  • Hosted 3 Twitter spaces with our honored speakers from Lasercat, Skyverse, Swords&Dungeons, Alpha Shark, Odaily and many others to share opinions on #Metaverse related topics.
  • Scheduled 2 more twitter spaces with several surprise speakers in the coming weeks.
  • Hosted several mini-games in our Discord server to engage with our community fans.
  • Revealed Zzoopers’ pre-sale spots distribution, Raffle spots distributed to our partners, including KuCoin, NFTGO, Weirdo Ghost Gang, Voiceverse, etc.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Application

  • Built a fun experience-City Oasis: Special Ops to apply for The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 on a DAO-owned 1x1 land within 1 month.

  • Submitted the application on May 9th.

  • Made the trailer video to show the fun experience in City Oasis: Special Ops. Please stay tuned for what’s upcoming next!

  • Created a dedicated landing page which will be revealed soon.

    DAO’s Official Website Updated

Updated our website with a fresh look and new sections. Check it out here:

Community metrics (as of 20/05/2022):

  • Twitter: 27,987 (Increase of 13k+ since the avatar campaign launched)
  • Discord: 14,425 (Increase of 2k+ since the avatar campaign launched)
  • Medium: 859 (Increase of 70+ since the avatar campaign launched)

Learn more about MetaOasis DAO:

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