Ensuring the permanence of Formfunction NFTs with Arweave and Bundlr Network

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Bundlr Network, which enables fast, multichain support for Arweave.

Arweave is among the first decentralized data networks. Because it is the only network that can store data permanently, it is the most secure way to store data.

By using Arweave through Bundlr, we’re ensuring that our data, including NFT metadata, is as secure as possible. Contrary to popular belief, the digital assets, metadata, and code of NFTs are not always stored on their native blockchain but may be stored on centralized servers. This leaves the NFTs at risk of being lost if there is a hard drive failure or if a node goes offline. Given how much effort, time, and money are invested in NFTs, this is a huge risk for creators and developers—and using Arweave and Bundlr removes this risk.

At Formfunction, it’s important that artists and collectors alike can trust that the NFTs they are creating and buying are stored in a decentralized and permanent way. We’re happy to offer the benefit of lasting, decentralized artwork to our users by partnering with Bundlr. As a team building for a multiyear paradigm shift in the web and creator economy, lasting infrastructure is one of our top priorities, and Bundlr helps us get there by providing the best set of tools for accessing Arweave.

To see some of the amazing art available on Formfunction, check out our homepage. To learn more about the technology that powers Bundlr Network, see their docs.

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