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The Female Quotient
July 6th, 2022

By Stephanie Taylor

In 2022, U.S. consumer spending on digital items is projected to reach $1 trillion. As emerging technologies continuously alter how we live, work, and play, it becomes increasingly important that we know the best sources of information, and there are a ton of resources out there about the future of the internet, aka Web3!

So where should you start? We asked our community: What’s one must read, watch, or listen for someone who wants to get more involved in Web3? Here’s what they had to say:

“It’s important to take in information from a variety of sources so you aren’t influenced by one way of thinking. I love jumping into random Twitter Spaces conversations to hear what others are doing in the NFT ecosystem. But if you are looking at Web3 from a financial standpoint, I think Benjamin Cowen, PhD from ‘Into the Cryptoverse’ on Youtube breaks down charts in a way that we all need to hear. Listen to the data, not human voices!” — Canessa, DCL Landowner, influencer and Ice Poker Guild owner

“I feel very honored to be a part of the Last Slice Collective, an NFT community started by Lastraum last April. Anytime I have questions or feel uneasy about buying into an NFT project or claiming this or that token, I can always go onto the discord and see what others have to say about it. There are so many knowledgeable people in this community.” — YouMack, promoter and member of LastSliceCo

“I recommend Audrey Tang interviews and programming.” — Nyankee/Shiori Kawana, manga artist, NFT Fade Away Bunny and wearables creator

“Listen to the ‘Metaverse Marketing’ podcast by Cathy Hackl. She is the godmother of the metaverse, and I personally have learned so much from her. She also writes great pieces on *Forbes *and has published a couple of books regarding the metaverse.” — Nico Fara, founder and CEO of Chief Metaverse Officer, founder and leader of the Fashion DAO, founder and CEO of Queendom

“Thematic podcasts are extremely informative. Some examples are Cathy Hackle’s ‘Metaverse Marketing’ or ‘Welcome to the Metaverse.’ I would also advise following the big projects in the metaverse, as well as determine which are your favorite. Follow their accounts on social media, and be involved in the community. It’s useful to subscribe to the industry leaders’ social media channels. Also, read specialized media, and subscribe to Forbes, NY Times, Business Insider, fashion analysis and reviews. Read on Business of Fashion and Vogue Business and follow specialized crypto media and platforms such as Messari, Medium, Techcrunch, and Yahoo.” — Diana, founder of Diverge and Metaverse Fashion

“Don’t be afraid to make your voice heard in the discords that are important to you. You can meet lifelong friends there. Jump into Twitter Spaces when you can. They’re the best thing to happen to creators since MTV’s ‘Unplugged.’ They’re like VH1’s ‘Behind the Music’ for digital content.” — Nicole Nixon, art director and content marketing strategist

“Getting involved in Web3 means learning a new language. It takes time, effort, and intention to dive into this new world. The best way to start is by listening to podcasts and also utilizing audio apps, such as Clubhouse and Twitter. These are a fantastic way to hear conversations around the variety of Web3 topics. I started my Web3 journey on Clubhouse, and the more I listened, the more I learned. With time, I felt more comfortable joining conversations and even grew my followers to 40K on Clubhouse and more than 26K on Twitter, which enabled me to teach and influence people on the subject by hosting my own Web3-oriented Clubhouse rooms and Twitter Spaces.” — Tal Navaro, Founder of Social Lady

*Photo by *John Schnobrich

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