Women in Web3 Spotlight: Nisa Amoils on Closing the Gender Gap in Venture Capital and Web3

Venture capitalists are always on the hunt for the next big innovation to invest in. As a tech investor, Nisa Amoils is one of those VCs in search of new investment opportunities in cutting-edge technology. Her mission is to help mitigate the longstanding lack of funding invested in female and minority founders that affects both investors and entrepreneurs.

Amoils works as the managing partner of A100x Ventures, a venture fund that invests in blockchain/AI-enabled businesses. To date, the fund has invested in crypto, defi, nft, and blockchain, and their mission is to solve real world problems with technology and impact. We recently chatted with her to discuss her career journey in Web3, and her passion to get more women in the field.

How did you get your start in Web3?

I have been investing exclusively in Web3 for six years, and I have been a venture capitalist for 11 years. I’m a securities lawyer too. I also hosted a show called the “Digital Asset Report” and wrote for Forbes’ crypto and blockchain column.

How would you explain your industry and the work you do in a quick elevator pitch?

At A100x Ventures, we invest in early stage blockchain-enabled companies. We also try to invest in diversity and impact. I would describe Web3 as the internet of trust or value and the next evolution of the internet where participants can own a piece of it instead of just being the product. As a venture capitalist, I’m investing in Web3 companies.

What’s the secret to your success in Web3?

We have more than 10 unicorns and multiple exits so it’s essential that we help founders scale and give them a unique value add. We avoid purely speculative crypto plays and give our investors exposure to blockchain technology while avoiding regulatory risk and volatility.

Why is it important for women to join Web3 and the metaverse right now?

It’s important for women to join Web3 because we can’t build the next generation of technology without half of the population, and all the wealth goes to men.

What’s your greatest achievement so far in the Web3 space?

My greatest achievement so far has been Investing early in Mythical Games Inc., which are metaverse/NFT unicorns. Another achievement I am proud of is getting more women into the space.

What’s one misconception that you want to debunk about your industry?

There’s a common misconception that crypto is already regulated, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

What’s one example of how you and/or your organization is moving the equality needle — at work or in life?

We are moving the equality needle forward by connecting funds and minority-owned business owners and allowing them to join our fund at much lower costs. I also wrote a book in 2018 called “WTF Is Happening: Women Tech Founders on the Rise” about the benefits of investing in diversity in blockchain and addressing the lack of funding — 2% — that goes to minorities. In her book, she profiles a dozen female founders and the extraordinary strides they are making in disruptive technology to build a new world.

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