10 Decentraland Leaders on the Importance of Women Joining the Metaverse

As more women stake their claim in the metaverse, there’s increased opportunity for the future of work and social connection to be equitable, safe and truly innovative spaces. We’re so excited to join forces with incredible leaders in Web3 and to welcome more and more individuals into our first-ever FQ headquarters in Decentraland! Leading up to our first Equality Lounge® in Decentraland on May 24-25, 2022, we spoke with some leaders in the space about the importance of women joining us in the metaverse. Here’s what they had to say:

“The metaverse is like the Wild West right now. There are so many new ways to get involved, projects being developed and ideas coming to fruition. While many of these projects are led by men, there’s a growing number of women involved in these traditionally male-dominated spaces. It’s one of the first times in history when women are in a position to ‘stake their claim’ so to speak, and claim this new territory as their own.”  — Canessa, DCL landowner, influencer and Ice Poker Guild owner

“I think it’s extremely important for women of all ages, races, and skill sets to join the metaverse. It’s the first place where women get a real shot at being heard the first time. All throughout Web2, women have been silenced and oppressed by algorithms and people in power, often men. Now is the time to build the future we want, a future worth being excited for. Brick by brick!” — Nikki Fuego, creator, musician, performer and DCL Wearable creator

“The metaverse presents opportunities for people of all walks of life to carve out their own definition of success and make connections that wouldn't be possible IRL. The creative collaboration that happens within these communities allows women to showcase their talents on a whole new playing field. Women have a real chance here to uplift one another and surround ourselves with other women who inspire, motivate, and nurture our individual skill sets.” — Lyss, influencer and content creative

“By establishing a visible and vocal presence at this early stage of development, women have an opportunity to shape the culture of the next digital era and ensure that the metaverse is a place of diverse perspectives and equal opportunities.” — Tangpoko, House of Tang and DCL Babydolls

“We need equal balance and representation everywhere! Women are so powerful and creative. I love seeing more and more women enter the space, who are bringing the creativity and diversity Decentraland needs.” — YouMack, promoter of LastSliceCo

“Just like the outside world, in order to evolve and be diverse and inclusive, the Metaverse must be developed and enjoyed by communities which are just as diverse and inclusive as it hopes to be. These wide-ranging perspectives will give this new world the richness and diversity that we, as humans and avatars, need and deserve. It’s important for all users to see themselves represented in all worlds, including the Metaverse.” — KJ Walker, founder of LowPolyModels

“Representation is important in all industries, especially emerging ones. As metaverses are being built, it's vital that all communities — women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA + — are represented and heard to ensure a healthy environment that has long-term stability. Exclusion is not an option.” — ShelleyVan, metaverse music manager of Songbird Collective

“Women who are entering the metaverse space today will be the pioneers and leaders of tomorrow. They will encourage more women to discover and pursue their interests and careers in Web3 and blockchain. It is a pivotal moment for the evolution of technology. If the metaverse becomes the next era of the web, then we must take purposeful action to shape it into the space we want by building a supportive community.” — Allie's Game, Ice Poker Guild Owner  and metaverse/NFT/Web3 promoter

“I believe that women need to join the metaverse because it’s crucial to have balance in any space. Women have a very powerful role in all aspects of life. Our perspective and energy brings great value to the metaverse.” — Soultry Dubs, artist and DJ

“The newness of the metaverse provides opportunities to experiment, innovate and create. These opportunities are available to anyone who dares to be early adopters and innovators. It is an equal opportunity for all, and it’s just as important for women to join the metaverse as it is for men to do so. Women joining the metaverse provide richer and diverse perspectives on the opportunities that the metaverse offers.” —Zey, co-founder, GossapeGirl NFT

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