8 Web3 Leaders on Why It’s Essential That Women Join the Metaverse

As the next frontier of digital innovation continues to evolve and take shape, it’s essential that women have a front seat to the decision-making process. In celebration of our first ever Equality Lounge® in Decentraland, we asked some leaders in the Web3 community to share their perspective on why women should join the movement today.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Currently in the crypto realm, women take about 15% of the space — and that’s it! Without women, there is a huge gap in the unique skill sets and strengths we offer: aesthetics, functionality, organization and innovation. It’s crucial for women to join us right now.”

— Shawnee Sande, Web3 content creator

“Web3 is a cutting edge space that is still in nascent stages, which provides a lot of opportunity for early adopters. Exploring something so entirely new is absolutely fascinating and unnerving sometimes! However, the ability to make an impact, experiment and find your calling in an industry that is developing and shaping right in front of your eyes is rewarding.”

— Masha Vyazemskaya, head of communications at Rarible

“Today in the metaverse, we have women leaders sitting at the same table as men, versus women having to break the glass ceiling just to get in. That’s why it’s important for more to join us now!”

— Kas Vegas, NFT community builder, artist, and music producer

“As we’ve seen in the crypto market, Web3 disproportionately favors those who are early adopters. Right now, in these early stages, women have the opportunity to jump in and greatly influence the cultures and systems that Web3 will be built upon. The new rules are being written as we speak and women need to be a part of that process.”

— Matt Bond, Founder of Banquet Labs

“Historically, women have fought for representation across industries, and with the rise of Web3, women have an opportunity to be a part of its development and evolution. To be early-stage creators means having the ability to shape the narrative and systems that allow us to thrive and hold power. It’s so important for everyone to recognize this, as well as to onboard and uplift women in Web3.”

— Rhea Raj, Web3 music and fashion content creator

“Over the last 50 years, the internet has shaped social interactions in a unique way. In the beginning, we had the Web1 era where the role of a user was limited to reading the information provided by the content producers. Web2 allowed users to communicate with each other. Now, we’re entering into the first steps of the Web3 era. I am convinced that the metaverse has a bright future ahead of it and the potential to be a true equalizer and a force for good. In order to release its full power, we have to ensure the new world meets the needs and desires of everyone, not just a select few. Men typically tend to be the first to adopt new technologies, but if women dare to claim their place in the metaverse, we have a perfect opportunity to build something more beautiful. By bringing women’s ideas into this new era, we will have a truly diverse society where everyone can find their place.”

— Marjana Zaitceva, artist

“It’s important that women join us in the metaverse right now because there’s a huge amount of opportunity for women to succeed and thrive in this space. Women truly have a chance to be leaders, owners, upper management and more. The sooner they join, the more successful they will be.”

— Tracy Lee, digital creator

“It is important for women to join us in the metaverse because this is a burgeoning industry that will change the way we work and play as a society well into the future, and there is a rare opportunity right now for women to get in on the ground floor. We don’t want to get left behind.”

— Sara Baumann, Artist and Founder of Women & Weapons

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