An Invitation to Serif
May 9th, 2022

Serif is a community of LGBTQ+ creators & leaders assembling spaces for us, by us.

Dance floors and dating apps dominate the history of queer spaces. Within these physical and digital containers, we’re often reduced to short-lived entanglements and impulsive swipes. While these spaces have been integral to our collective solidarity, we’re ready for the next phase of LGBTQ+ community.

We need spaces where we can cultivate a depth of relationship that transcends orientation, age, race, class, gender, and industry. We need physical and digital places that support whole-person growth while preserving our identity for future generations.

Through web3 and the extraordinary powers of our community, we can turn this dream into a reality.

Welcome to Serif.

The Serif Vision

Queers have always been at the forefront of technology and culture – from Alan Turing and Sally Ride to Andy Warhol and Marsha P Johnson. Serif intends to continue this legacy through positioning LGBTQ+ creators, leaders, and activists as recognized changemakers and culture-shapers in web3.

This starts with our vision for a decentralized LGBTQ+ social club. Through our digital community and physical locations, we envision a world of queer spaces that center innovation, education, commerce, and connection. We envision a world of queer spaces designed for exchanging knowledge and capital, not just suggestive looks.

The LGBTQ+ community contains culture-making brilliance within food and wine, wellness, film, fashion, art, music, work, family, fitness, and so much more. Serif is the container for this brilliance to radiate and cross-pollinate.

The Serif Invitation

At Serif, we invite our community to:

  • Be Joyful when celebrating our irresistible identities.
  • Delight in Curiosity through the thrill of the unfamiliar.
  • Practice Empathy by seeking connection.
  • Pursue Creativity within the limitless potential of our imaginations.
  • Embody Unity because we are gonna make it, together.

Why web3

The LGBTQ+ economy comprises 10% of global consumer spending; Crypto is a $10 trillion-dollar industry actively reshaping our relationship to culture.

What else would be possible if web3 was even just a little bit more queer?

This is our chance to find out. To guarantee the legacy of LGBTQ+ culture and be recognized for our economic impact, it’s crucial that we leverage web3.

The Founding Community

We’re in search of our Founding Community: 1,234 members eager to co-author this next chapter of LGBTQ+ history.

This Founding Community will co-create the Serif roadmap and determine our flagship physical location, among other foundationally vital milestones.

We invite you to submit an application. Once accepted, you’ll mint one of 1,234 Founding Membership NFTs. Opportunities to purchase a membership in lieu of minting may be possible in secondary markets, however full membership is exclusively granted through the application and community-based decision process.

To Be Continued, With You

Our initial collection of Founding Membership NFTs is just the beginning.

We’ll grow the Serif community through a follow-on collection of 10,000 PFPs designed by renowned visual artist and Serif member Amit Greenberg, stand-up our flagship physical location, and expand to more cities in the US and around the world. Through the creation of the $SERIF token, we’ll endow the LGBTQ+ web3 economy.

To be continued, with you. 

Written by Brian Tran (he/him), David Stevens (he/him), Steph Alinsug (she/they), Eva Green (she/her)

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