ETHGold From the Meta Wall Deco Collection

Today I continue the story with my work called ETHGold. You see, ETHGold is item #14 from the Meta Wall Deco collection on the OpenSea marketplace. My story is the 19th web3 content that I share on Web3 Mirror.

Gold is a precious metal from the past until now. With ETHGold, I'm telling my story to become a fraction of the gold found on a decentralized Blockchain network. What does it mean for readers. Nobody asks and nobody cares, right? Yes, that's right, unless there are some people or you who are now reading my story and asking, why? To make ornaments on the walls of their rooms, living rooms or floor surfaces of their homes.

Then you ask me again, what do you mean?

Below tell about what I mean.

ETHGold is my work that I make as precise information for every Meta Wall Deco item that represents gold. What is precision information? This is information on how I design NFTs from a central point of coordinates, fetching data and then choosing a value that is close to when the Ethereum blockchain was launched July 30, 2015.

Each item contains 3 ornaments. Ornament? What's that? Yes, it is a circular ornament, a replica of Ethereum and a square.

#1. Circle Ornament

The circle ornament is a model that represents all the rotating shapes or rules. What's spinning? Wheel, clockwise, disk motion, computer algorithms, job routines, life cycle. Especially? The arrangement of the solar system, the rotation of the earth, the sun and the moon.

The coordinate center point is at the center of the circle. I started from point 0,0. Then, take the 12 o'clock direction as far as the radius of 10 and turn right until it meets 12 o'clock again. One 20 diameter central circle I have made as the pivot.

Next, I returned to the center of the coordinates and repeated to the north as far as a radius of 105. This point became the center point for 17 circular ornaments with a diameter of 20 each. With the aim that the angular distances could be the same between the 17 ornaments, I made an angle of 21 degrees. So as a result, 17 circular ornaments of the same size surround the central circle.

For the third time, I returned to the center of the coordinates, headed north for a radius of 168 then rotated clockwise up to 360 degrees. As a result, an outer circle ornament with a diameter of 336 and a third circle has been created.

#2. Ethereum Replicas

Then, I designed an Ethereum replica. What's that? The Ethereum replica is a model that looks like an image of ETH but is not the real thing. I hope Vitalik doesn't scold me for imitating the Ether image on this page.

In a collection, each item contains 3 different sized Ethereum replicas. Replica which is the largest I made the first model which is easy to design. I designed this largest Ethereum replica ornament with the following details:

  1. Dimensions L x W: 72 x 40

  2. Quantity: 6

  3. Angle between ornaments: 60 degrees

Track radius: 52.57

My track radius starts from point 0.0 then takes the direction of 12 o'clock as far as the radius of 52.57.

If these Ethereum Replica ornaments are an easy way for me to draw, the same two smaller ornaments can be easily redrawn by me. I'm using 0.5 scale for the smaller ornaments. If there's no difficulty, I'd better place the image file for reading, right? Yes that's right. It's easier by looking at my drawings at the bottom of this page's "Details and Dimensions".

#3. Squares

The square ornament represents the protective framework of the parts inside. I assume it's the same as the block generated by the cryptographic system that protects every transaction. Is that right? Maybe similar but not the same.

I designed this shield piece to a size that represents the launch of the Ethereum blockchain. When was the Ethereum blockchain launched? I searched many sites for answers and got information. The Ethereum blockchain was launched on July 30, 2015.

Nothing quite fits, right? Yes that's right. That value is just a 400x400mm length from a 2D square image which contains 3 ornaments with different numbers.

To help design NFTs, I use design software that is widely used for designing machines and residential properties. I use CAD software.

Details and Dimensions

The actual sizes of each item from my Meta Wall Deco collection are described below as files in the usual image format.

File #1

Detail and dimensions of NFT #1
Detail and dimensions of NFT #1

File #2

Detail and dimensions of NFT #2
Detail and dimensions of NFT #2

ETHGold is just a grain of sand between the long sand beaches of OpenSea which are very wide. It's impossible for anyone to find it, unless it's with the sand around it and then it's taken to be made into a micro processor.

My little story here is still very short among the billions of new blocks on an unlimited network. Not worth the space where I put posts, articles, and community NFTs. Therefore, I am grateful to the platform that provides ample space for tells all my stories and shares many things about technology.

I'm a content creator and site owner. Only a few people read my story here. And again, no one cares, no one pays, no one believes that everything I tell you is my original writing or just someone else's adaptation. Does not matter. I'm still working. I keep working. I keep writing to continue creating content on the web3 Mirror, on web2 and on my site. Designing NFTs, offering to collectors, continuing my story and telling my work.

I'm sure this story of mine will find a place and be a proponent that gives it true value as a Writing NFTs.

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