Writing On Web3 Has Become An Easy Way To Back Home

Every day after work, I return home. One weekend, I went on vacation and after that, I came back home. If I go home, I find it very easy. Yes, of course.

Then, there is a simple question. Why do I find it so easy to find my way back home? My answer, because I already know the way to go home and choose which way is easiest to get home.

Hey, do you have another answer?


This is the first post I made on the web3 platform for web3, Mirror. But first, I want to introduce myself. I'm an article based content creator. On the web2 service, I have a blog-based site and have published approximately 400 articles about. My site provides information about Internet and communication technologies. And what I recently published are articles related to web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency.

This introductory information represents me as a digital publisher. So now, I want to write. Because I believe writing is as easy a way for me as it is to return home.

What is next?

I will collect new articles on this page from my every useful activity. I hope that everything I create can help users and find solutions to their problems. My job, work experience, detail, design, traveling and many things in my life. Maybe, some of the old articles that I have on the site, I will describe again in a new style that explains more about a guide.

Through this web3 platform, if the road I take is easy to return home, it can be a way for me to work, go on vacation, go shopping, shouldn't it be easy for me to get a share that represents ETH? If this content is really valuable, I hope, I get some value that supports the content that I have published here.

And for all publishing content creators. I hope you all have the best part today.

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