The Journey of Becoming an Online Writer For Investing In Web3

Invest Yourself Into An Asset As A Writer Online With Mirror Web3

Writing on a sheet of glass using an electronic pen and sharing a lot of things can be a collection of article content that is truly original and can be shared safely. With online investment on Web3, can I start printing my own money with the same community on one platform? Maybe yes, can also still wait time. What is your opinion?

There's so much to say that one sentence about building the future of Web3 can help content creators lay down a foundation and come up with ideas for where to start. One of them is using the blogging service from the Mirror platform. I am a web 2.0 article content creator which from now on I share on web 3.0. I hope that the results of this paper will later have the power of ownership rights to what I made, at least of the NFT class.

Although - perhaps, NFTs are not just in artwork, photos or game props, but also in article content, publications, poetic works and any form of written text with the author's name.

In web 1.0 and web 2.0, whatever the appearance of the website will display content in another form of information, namely advertising. You may share revenue from advertising with parties/networks of advertising service providers. Some created pages display information about a topic. However, there are still many writers who still feel alone.

Therefore, the meaning of article NFT in web 3.0 is that articles and editorial content that are truly created by writers like me and you are of higher value than just the advertisement or the text itself.

So finally I have great hope that makes me no longer feel alone. My hope is that due to the higher value for the content of the articles that I created and - all authors, it is very suitable to be applied in web3 services such as Mirror.

Mirror As A Blogging Service To Place My Featured Articles

For most common internet users, there is a lot of unfamiliar online vocabulary representing names about blockchain, web 3.0, smart contracts, decentralization, NFTs, nodes, hashrate and - perhaps - mirrors. What does all this mean?

Blockchain and what I'm writing about now (on the Mirror), brings a bright spot as the opener for my investment. Although it is not the first to appear on the user's screen, Mirror is a blogging service for placing my featured articles. But the main thing is that it is easy and still completely free.

Creating Content In Web 2.0 And Re-Elaborating In Web 3.0 As An Investment

People spend most of their time on web 2.0 with their favorite entertainment channels. For some of the time there is to write, there is a good chance to get one of the ways in web 2.0 about how money might work later. Then, from understanding the meaning that exists in the Mirror service, you can start from creating it on web 2.0 and re-decorate it on web 3.0.

Building on web 2.0 and parsing it back on web 3.0, then Investing? That's tricky vocabulary. What does all this mean?

My answer is not the best or top score. But I'm sure, it can come in handy later.

So, here it is,

Becoming a content creator - in this case a writer -, is not the choice of many people, let alone being an online writer for investment. The vocabulary “become an online writer for investing” isn't a particularly attractive vocabulary to explore either. Not long queues like when buying goods at the market. Isn't it unnecessary to queue just to write?

When I write, I want to build the economy through investment. Instead of investing for the economy to grow. Building the economy through investment means making oneself an asset for investment. I hope this is true, that the assets that are actually very easy for me to invest in are my own assets.

When you find yourself with people who have an interest in the writing category, you've probably already secured a front row seat. The front seat can show talent scouts that you have an asset. What's that? You are always ready and able to create original writing.

Maybe also, some people find this difficult to do because not everyone can invest through writing. But now, where are you? Yes that's right. You are now with me here in the Mirror. You found my messy description here. Why are you here?

Instead of writing for investment, the term investment itself tends to be called money and money. When in fact, investing is not limited only to money. What about Gold, Bitcoin and Oil. Yes, it's an amazing investment. But it requires a lot of initial capital. The writings that I make are a means to go through the investment road. Because after all, - as written above -, investing is not limited only to money. Or, investment requires initial capital and to be sure, many people believe that initial capital is money. Yes, it is true. I don't have much money, but I want to invest with capital that is not money.

Investment path? What's that? That's how I write in the Mirror. You know, the road always has no end.

I Want To Invest With Capital That Is Not Money

I get a resource that represents an investment with capital that is not money. Actually, my writing is an answer that I made from the resources that I heard. But I forgot that time didn't save this source on device. I searched again but couldn't find it. There is also something similar but not like what I heard the first time.

According to the resource, it says, "Why are you saving money when they are printing money".

Have you ever heard of this?

I was attracted by the word "They print money". If it's not an official financial institution, who else is printing the money. These are banks. Banks print money to use as a means of paying. The value of money is the difference between goods and services. If I deposit money in the bank, the bank will still print money. Why do I keep saving money if I have assets? Isn't it better that assets can be used for things that are of interest to many people. It could be yes or it could be no.

How do you become an asset? Like me now or find new ideas to write? If like me, you invest with capital that is not money. If you find a new idea, let me know. I hope my answer written above can represent Investment In Web3 Through Mirror.

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