This is DAOnative

DAOnative is a community-first DAO management framework.

Our beliefs

We believe that creating a DAO should be playful and exploratory. Creating a DAO comes with its fair share of challenges. While deciding to set up governance structures, token allocations, or treasury management are helpful – they're rarely what you need to do when you're just starting. In the initial stages, your goal should be to nurture a relationship between the DAO and the individual.

Our mission

DAOnative wants to bring communities at the front and center. The core engine of a DAO is its community, the fuel is a common mission, and its output is value. This value can come in the form of a service rendered, a product, or anything else produced through work.

DAOnative makes it easy for you to get started. Simplicity comes first. The creation of a DAO should be a playful exploration of what you stand for and what you want to build. The infrastructure comes later.

You don't need to decide how many tokens you need, you don't need to set up voting grace periods, and you don't need to interact with a smart contract before you even get to the dashboard.

How we do it: The product

The first thing you see after the 10-second DAOnative setup is a dashboard that asks you: "What is your mission?" and encourages you to set some KPIs.

The next phase is all about having your community take root. You can invite members to your DAO, easily create membership NFTs, and track engagement. These tools allow you to reveal the most engaged community members and automate rewards. We’re working on making the rules of the game transparent to make it easy for community members to understand how they can grow within the DAO.

DAOnative is separated into three parts: the core, the integration layer, and modules.

DAOnative Core is a suite of off-chain tools to engage and track community engagement. Using DAOnative allows you to create challenges that your community members can complete to earn XPs. Members get rewarded for helping others out, filling out their intro profile, or submitting any kind of work.

Challenge View on DAOnative
Challenge View on DAOnative

DAOnative’s Integration Layer is a composable interface to hook up with existing on-chain DAO tooling. The integration layer is still in heavy construction, and we plan on working extensively on it in the next year to make it accessible to everyone.

DAOnative Modules are our flagship extensions that help you focus on your community without worrying too much about tooling. We started by building an NFT membership module that you can use to easily token-gate access for your community members (e.g. with

Today & Tomorrow

At the moment, we’re working on creating the necessary tooling to engage with your community in meaningful ways. Our eyes are set on providing a rich DAO to DAO experience - allowing members from different DAOs to collaborate and create extensive inter-DAO relationships.

In the following months, our focus will go more and more on developing the necessary composable infrastructure to enable you to grow organically as your community grows. This will happen through the creation of lightweight subDAOs, which can be easily created and be dissolved when no longer needed.

Want to grow your community?

How to get involved?

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