Metapreneurs Disrupting NFT Ecosystem
November 20th, 2021

Metapreneurs, the biggest community of entrepreneurs in the Metaverse, created on the Ethereum blockchain, have announced the launch of their Novel NFT project.

In the newly created Metapreneur Metaverse, NFTs and the blockchain combine to disrupt the perception of NFTs in the ecosystem. The whole Metapreneurs’ Metaverse will start from a limited collection of 11,111 unique NFTs.

Assets will each be custom-made from 180+ hand-drawn

These non-generative assets will each be custom-made from 180+ hand-drawn traits guaranteeing the uniqueness of each NFT.

Owning a Metapreneur will grant you access to an elite community of successful entrepreneurs and a never-ending list of utilities that come with many advantages and benefits.

In 2022, The Metapreneurs will hold their very first exclusive mastermind in Bali. This event will only be accessible to holders of the NFT and will get a chance to network and connect with elite entrepreneurs as well as attend private parties.

Metapreneurs roadmap is at The company is also expected to announce an official date when it will begin minting on Discord soon. You can join their Discord channel

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