Snoop Dogg and deadmau5 joined leading crypto VC Outlier Ventures
November 19th, 2021

Snoop Dogg, deadmau5, consumer brand guru Shaun Neff, and the founders of The Sandbox and Polygon have joined the Outlier Ventures Partnership to accelerate the Open Metaverse

Metaverse continues to gian increased interest and pace as VC firm Outlier Ventures has announced partnership with big names from entertainment industry to invest and advise start-ups in Metaverse.

VC Outlier Ventures has launched its Base Camp Accelerator in 2019 and since then, the firm has helped raise over US$250 million in seed funding for over 100 high-profile projects from across the world (such as Crucible and Biconomy). In addition, Outlier Ventures has supported the launch and growth of several billion-dollar crypto economies including, Boson Protocol, Secret Network, Blox Move, Swash and DIA Data.

Snoop Doog has been already adopter of NFTs and Metaverse. He made investments in Cryptopunks NFT which is featured in his profile picture on Twitter and he owns Metaverse real estate in The Sandbox, one of the leading Metaverse platforms.

*‘’The Metaverse will eventually connect every platform, virtual world and game into a single permissionless peer-to-peer economy native to the internet, most importantly underpinned by crypto and Web3 technology. We should absolutely consider crypto and the Metaverse as one and the same thing. In the same way that crypto is increasingly experienced through immersive experiences that bridge the real world with virtual assets, the Metaverse makes our physical and digital spaces indistinguishable. And long term, crypto will subordinate every fiat-based economy on the planet. But it is a peaceful revolution,” *says Outlier Ventures Founder and CEO, Jamie Burke.

The Metaverse world is getting more and more exciting.

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