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About Us

Welcome to Ecosapiens. We are releasing a carbon-backed digital collectible that directly finances carbon sequestration projects on February 22nd, 2023. We’re a venture capital-backed company with leading investors in the crypto, climate, and consumer sectors with the ultimate goal of making it easy, financially attractive, and culturally rewarding for anyone to make a positive impact on the planet.

We believe that small actions can add up to make a big difference, and our goal is to drive wide scale private climate action through accessible and consumer-friendly solutions. In the future, we hope to expand our offerings to include a suite of products that will help eco-conscious consumers thrive. We understand that most people may not be able to make major lifestyle changes in order to be more environmentally friendly, and we believe that our products can provide a simple and effective way for anyone to make a positive impact.

Our first product, a carbon-backed digital collectible, is the first expression of our thesis and mission: when you mint an Ecosapien, you become one, and in the process you offset a full year’s worth of carbon in an easy and elegant way, showcasing your impact through unique art. At the same time, you’re joining the #1 Web3 climate community and taking your first step towards becoming a fully eco-conscious citizen.

How We Save the Planet: the World’s First Carbon-backed Digital Collectible

Our first product is the Ecosapien: a digital collectible backed by 16 metric tons of tokenized CO2. This is equivalent to offsetting a year's worth of the average American's carbon output. By purchasing one of these collectibles, you are not only expressing your commitment to climate action, but also directly contributing to carbon reduction efforts.

Since pre-industrial times, the planet has warmed by 1.1°C. The UN projects that anything above 1.5°C will produce dire consequences such as extreme natural disasters, food shortages, and species extinction. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere is a way to directly slow and reverse the change. Thus, our digital collectibles provide a unique way for individuals to make a tangible impact on the environment, from the deepest tree roots and ocean trenches to the highest cloud forests and mountaintops, all in 1-click.

The Anatomy of an Ecosapien


Ecosapiens represent an amalgamation of all carbon-based organic and inorganic matter, comprising various flora, fauna, and minerals from across the spectrum of Earth's ecosystems. These beings are presented in an androgynous, humanoid form, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all living and nonliving matter on our planet.

Their bodies subtly breathe, and the plants, minerals, and fungi that grow inside and among them oscillate, serving as a tribute to the significance of breath and the preservation of our atmosphere. Through their unique design and symbolism, Ecosapiens remind us of the importance of protecting and preserving the natural world for future generations.

Each Ecosapien features beautifully crafted artwork designed by Garret Kane, a sculptor, animator, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Garret's work combines traditional and 3D printed materials, animation, film, and writing to create hybrid pieces that merge nature and technology. Garret has over 15 years experience working as a Creative Director for some of the largest brands and advertising agencies in the world including Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Etrade, BMW, P&G and more. Dafferner has won awards at Cannes, Clio, and One Show.  Combining his passion for branding and art, Dafferner has grown his own artistic practice as a sculptor, animator, and writer to help brands shape their identities. His work, as part of his studio practice, GKD Studios, has been featured in multiple group shows and 4 solo exhibitions including NYC’s Flatiron Building Prow Artspace; Chashama’s Gala at One World Trade; and Untitled Art Fair during Art Basel at South Beach, Miami in 2021.

Garret Kane showcasing his work
Garret Kane showcasing his work

Ecosapien Species

There are currently 12 different species of Ecosapiens, each representing a distinct personality and type within the mythology of the Ecosapien world. During the alpha launch, we are releasing the “Eco” character. Other characters such as “Leo” will be introduced in future launches.


The Ecosapiens are a group of genetically engineered organisms that are designed to repair environmental damage. They are created through a process called EcoGenesis, which involves the use of advanced technologies such as synthetic biology, quantum artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology. The Ecosapiens are governed by a powerful quantum artificial intelligence called the EcoSystem, which is able to analyze and respond to environmental damage. They are able to perform various tasks related to environmental repair, such as capturing carbon, suppressing forest fires, digesting plastic, and reversing the effects of overgrazing.

Carbon Credits & Kenya Soil Carbon

Ecosapiens is focused on nature based carbon removal solutions. For the alpha, we are sourcing our carbon credits from Kenya Soil Carbon - an avoidance and removal solution.

As the first large, landscape-scale soil carbon project of its kind in the world, the Northern Kenya Rangelands Project improves grassland health of 1.9 million hectares of degraded savannah grasslands in northern Kenya impacted by changing climatic conditions, severe drought, and livestock overgrazing.

Newly planned rotational grazing management is expected to restore overgrazed grasslands and improve soil carbon storage. This expected change in soil carbon will remove more than 600,000 tons of greenhouse gas (CO2 equivalents) from the atmosphere per year, doubling the carrying capacity of the land from its current value. Change is monitored every year by analyzing satellite imagery of biomass and herd locations. Funding for this project will also help bolster land productivity, diversify community income, improve wildlife ecosystems and habitats to reverse biodiversity trends, promote gender equality, improve community health, and support specific conservancy needs—including clean water, education, and infrastructure projects.

The Northern Kenya Rangelands project is one of only 16 projects worldwide certified to the Triple Gold Level under the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance’s (CCBA) standards. The project is also certified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) from Verra, one of the sector’s leading and most respected carbon standards, using its sustainable grasslands methodology (VM0032).

Moreover, Kenya Soil Carbon serves 6 of the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development. We are super excited by the impact this project has on the local economy and impact beyond carbon removal.

Upon upgrading the Chrysalis to the first Level, each Ecosapien will be infused with 16 tons of CO2 in the form of carbon credits sourced from Kenya Soil Carbon. Carbon infused in additional levels will also be sourced from Kenya Soil Carbon. As demand suits, we will expand and diversify the portfolio of carbon credits we offer Ecosapien holders.

If the Ecosapien is traded on secondary markets, the ownership of the carbon will move with the collectible and transfer to its new owner.

As the series of collections and other digital goods expands, we will expand the portfolio of climate projects to include other types of nature-based credits such as forestry and kelp. As an Ecosapien owner, you will be able to directly see where your investment is being directed towards and track its progress. This is a very unique way for owners to stay in close connection and trust that their dollars are making a difference.

Leveling Up: Impact-2-Earn™

Your Ecosapien digital collectible will start as a Level 1 Ecosapien. Every week in the season there will be a special event that allows you to level up your Ecosapiens by sequestering more carbon, allowing you to showcase your positive impact on the planet and receive a visually improved Ecosapien in return. This means that an Ecosapien can continue to sequester carbon long after its initial minting. A fully leveled Ecosapien that reaches the level cap of 7 will have offset 28 tons of carbon, the ​​equivalent of two years' worth of carbon output for the average American.

For more information on the mechanics of Impact-2-Earn and our first alpha post-mint, please read our paper on the alpha mechanics:

The implications of our Impact-2-Earn thesis go beyond the alpha release, we believe the incentive structure is a great model for our broader platform that aims to make it easy, economical and culturally rewarding to make a difference. Please read our dedicated thesis on Impact-2-Earn here:


Each Ecosapien has 9 categories of traits, each with its own rarity type. Ecosapien traits can have one of five (4) possible rarity type, ranging from the least rare ("Common") to the most rare ("Prime"). These rarity types are "Common," "Special," "Alpha," "Prime." Each rarity type has a consistent probability of occuring for each trait (see chart below for probabilities and outcomes). The categories of traits are "background," "environment," "exoskeleton," "small minerals," "small flora," "medium flora," "large minerals," "large flora."

At Level 1, your Ecosapien will start with two traits; background and environment. As you level up your Ecosapien through Impact-2-Earn™ events, you’ll add additional traits resulting in a more complete Ecosapien, while increasing the overall rarity of your Ecosapien.

A Level 1 Ecosapien will only have the Background and Environment traits.
A Level 2 Ecosapien will have new Exoskeleton and Endoskeleton traits.
A Level 3 Ecosapien will have new Small Minerals traits.
A Level 4 Ecosapien will have new Small Flora traits.
A Level 5 Ecosapien will have new Medium Flora traits.
A Level 6 Ecosapien will have new Large Minerals traits.
A Level 7 Ecosapien will have new Large Flora traits.

We ran 5000 Monte Carlo simulations and produced a bell-curve that showcases the range of possible outcomes of your Ecosapien’s rarity ratings with fully evolved Ecosapiens. This is depicted below.

These are the quick takeaways: A fully evolved Ecosapien will be the most complete and have the highest rarity ratings. And of course, a fully leveled Ecosapien is a nod to your compounding impact, as a L7 Ecosapien nearly doubles your carbon credit ownership and offsets 2 years of emissions in the process.

Level 7 Perks

In addition to having the most potential rarity and 28 tons of carbon, a fully evolved Level 7 Ecosapien will also confer unique benefits to the holder. As a Level 7 Ecosapien holder you will automatically gain 1st access to the Greenlist for the beta release and all future drops, be eligible for automatic airdrops, receive exclusive invitees to certain events such as dinner with the founders, and conferences, and be able to join a gated chat in the Discord with other Level 7 holders.

Ecosapien Studios

To expand more on the world of Ecosapiens, we are releasing a graphic novel. The first few issues of the graphic novel have been published on our Discord, which you can join here.

Through our sister brand, Ecosapien Studios, we plan to continue expanding the story and universe into other media such as cartoons, serials, metaverse, and more.

Scenes from Chapter 1, Part 2 of the Ecosapiens Graphic Novel
Scenes from Chapter 1, Part 2 of the Ecosapiens Graphic Novel


The Ecoportal is the central hub for everything Ecosapien. By logging into your wallet or your email address, you can mint and upgrade your Ecosapiens, view your carbon balance and credits, see upcoming releases, and explore the climate projects that you are supporting by owning an Ecosapien. Through the Ecoportal, you will be able to track your environmental impact by owning an Ecosapien and by using any other additional products we launch within the Ecoverse. In 2023, we are expanding the Ecoportal to also function as a marketplace, allowing you to easily buy, sell, and trade your Ecosapiens without the need to use external platforms. Stay tuned for updates on the Ecoportal's launch and all the features it will offer.

Sneak preview of EcoPortal v2
Sneak preview of EcoPortal v2

The Ecoverse

The Ecosapien digital collectibles are just the beginning for us. Our mission is to create a future where everyone can live in harmony with the planet while also restoring it. To do this, we design products that make eco-friendly choices convenient, financially attractive, and fun. Here are some of the ideas we are currently exploring:

Enterprise NFTs

  • While individuals can make a difference by becoming Ecosapiens, a single corporation can have the same environmental impact as hundreds, thousands, or even millions of individuals. To help businesses achieve carbon neutrality, we are exploring partnerships where corporations can align with Ecosapiens to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and our values to their employees and the public.

Impact-2-Earn Infra & Marketplace:

  • Is there a way to make an impact by browsing and shopping the way you already do? Imagine earning points and rewards simply by shopping sustainably and making small lifestyle changes that support the planet. This is the goal of taking our Impact-2-Earn model and applying it to the transaction layer of the web. Earn rewards and digital goods (like Ecosapien collectibles) in the EcoPortal by shopping sustainably.

Climate DAO

  • Imagine an organization that could immediately deploy tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars towards remediation every time there is an oil spill or forest fire. Ecosapiens could vote to deploy capital towards compelling environmental projects, invest in carbon-capture companies, or respond to natural disasters to benefit both the planet and those affected.

Learn to Earn

  • Would you like to learn more about living in harmony with the planet and be rewarded? Educating others on the impact of their choices and how policy affects the environment will be an important part of making it easier for people to become eco-conscious consumers.

Climate Metaverse

  • What if you could plant a tree in a video game and a tree would be planted in real life in return? Imagine a metaverse where you could meet with other Ecosapiens and the positive actions you take together in our in-game universe could impact the real world. By integrating real-world environmental actions into virtual experiences, we hope to make it even more rewarding for people to make positive environmental choices.


  • Taylor is an environmentally conscious guy, he recycles and he bikes instead of driving whenever possible. However, Taylor is also a busy and financially conscious guy. When Taylor makes a stop at Trader Joe’s before going on a hike, he’ll sometimes grab the $1 bottled water instead of the $2 paper boxed water. While we’d prefer if Taylor bought the paper water, or better yet refilled a bottle, we can’t fault him. We understand that consumers will almost always prioritize convenience and financial interests over environmental interests and we don’t expect that to ever change. That’s why we are developing the EcoCard, which provides users a financial incentive to choose the eco-friendly option and provides cash back.

Climate Art

  • Ecosapiens is committed to using art as a way to raise awareness about climate change and inspire positive action. As part of this commitment, we are exploring the creation of large and small scale sculptural art installations featuring Ecosapiens and other elements from the Ecosapien universe.

The Alpha (February 22, 2023)

350 Ecosapiens

The Ecosapien alpha is a test run for our first initial users. There will be 350 pieces available to mint. Participation is limited and demand is high. This section outlines the details of the alpha and how to get involved.

The alpha mint period begins on February 22nd, 2023. During the mint, users with a Chrysalis will be able to mint an Ecosapien.

The 350 mints during the alpha will feature the “Eco” character. Additional characters such as “Leo” will be introduced during subsequent launches.

Quests & Ecopoints

To ensure that our most invested community members get first dibs on a mint, we designed a Quest system that involves tasks to show your value to the community and positively benefit the planet. We had over 2500 players competing to be in the top 250 to earn a spot in the alpha. Even if you didn’t make the top 250 players, we still encourage you to play the game. There will be unique rewards for players who don't quite make it to the top 250, and there will also be further alpha & beta releases ahead of the public launch, so maintaining your rank on the Quest system will still be useful. On January 15th, we Greenlisted the wallet addresses of the top 250 people so they can participate in the Ecosapien alpha, and the runners-up will be prioritized as waitlisted users.

For a full breakdown of alpha mechanics, please read this paper:

Become an Ecosapien

Thank you for considering Ecosapiens as a way to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment. We believe that small actions can add up to make a big difference, and we are committed to creating a future where everyone can live in harmony with the planet. Whether you are interested in participating in the alpha, learning more about our plans for the future, or simply want to support our mission, we welcome you to join us on this journey. Thank you for being a part of the Ecosapien community.

Ecosapiens NFT NYC 2022
Ecosapiens NFT NYC 2022

Disclaimer: like all living organisms, this white paper, vision, and roadmap will continue to evolve. What is documented here in this white paper is not a guarantee of what will ensue at the time of drop. Ownership of the NFT does not intend to guarantee access to future products or services. All opinions discussed in this white paper are subject to change without notice. Nothing written here is intended, nor is it, financial advice. You must make an independent decision as to whether or not our thesis and vision are attractive to you. Terms and conditions subject to change.


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