Gerege NFT Program: Kicking Off DeOrderBook Mainnet Launch

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Our mainnet soft launch is finally officially kicking off! And... it's starting with a bang 💥

The biggest highlight of our Phase 1 mainnet launch plan: our dual-tier Gerege NFT Program . This is just the first of 3 compelling phases of our mainnet soft launch, each with its own set of highlights and surprises. But more on that later 😉

In the renowned Mongolian Empire, traders favored by the Khan were issued a 'Gerege': tablets that granted them free passage around the Empire and the right to trade freely. Borrowing from this rich history, DeOrderBook is introducing the Gerege dual-tier NFT program that unlocks the full potential of our protocol.

There's nothing more metal than FULL decentralization.
There's nothing more metal than FULL decentralization.

DeOrderBook isn't a typical NFT project, or even mainly focused on NFTs, but we fully believe in the power of the NFT ecosystem to boost innovation in all kinds of verticals in Web3.

The Gerege NFTs are designed to be more than just digital art; they offer additional revenue-sharing rewards, exclusive access to advanced features, and more exciting perks, which we'll reveal closer to our mainnet launch! Phase 1 will start off with the release of the Silver Gerege NFTs, with the Gold Gerege NFTs to come in the next phases of our launch.

Starting Strong with Silver Gerege

The Silver Gerege NFTs have been designed as a passport to elevated rewards and privileges within the DeOrderBook ecosystem. Each of these NFTs have unique on-chain properties like Level, which will be used by the upcoming core app to maximise fee-sharing rewards e.g. 0.3% per Level.

More technical users may wish to check the deployed and verified code [here]( or the source code on [our GitHub page]( to understand the ins and outs of the design choices we made with the NFT program.

A Tiratore warrior locked and loaded for surviving crypto volatility.
A Tiratore warrior locked and loaded for surviving crypto volatility.

What’s In a Silver Gerege?

These unique Silver Gerege NFTs represent 10,000 unique Tiratore warriors styled with unique generative art. Each warrior starts at Level 1 and comes with their own backstory, look, and name. The initial cap on 10,000 units won’t be further increased without community involvement in the future.

Inspired by anime, cyberpunk, and classic shoot-em-ups, these NFTs feature unique Tiratore warriors—yield-hungry raccoon explorers led by the feisty space soldier Valor. As a bonus, every user that mints has a chance to mint one of 10 handdrawn one-of-ones that are buried in the NFT code! Each one-of-one even starts at Level 5!

Silver Gerege Pricing

To reward those that get into the DeOrderBook ecosystem earlier, the Silver NFTs will involve unique pricing mechanics with a 25% price increase every 300 mints. This multiplier is not expected to change, but the community can direct us otherwise.

Private Sale Fee and Guaranteed Buyback

One thing you will notice if you are careful is that there is a privateSaleFee in the contracts. This is our somewhat-crude response to the OpenSea versus Blur NFT marketplace wars aka "the royalty wars" because the one thing that was sacrificed was royalties i.e. the beating heart of the Web3 creator economy.

As Web3 creators ourselves, we not only support royalty enforcement but support the creator having control of that and will have more surprises on that very shortly, but for now suffice it to say we will be levying a fee on private sales or sales for marketplaces that do not enforce royalty collections… just not yet!

For a limited time to celebrate our first Gerege collection, we will be releasing with zero private sale fees.

To celebrate the launch, we're offering a 30-day guaranteed buyback for the first 500 NFTs sold, granting you a risk-free trial of holding a Gerege.

Great — how do I mint a Gerege Silver NFT?

Silver Gerege NFTs are not on public mint just yet. For starters, we have whitelisted only those users who participated in our internal testing and have attained the roles of `Order of Testers: Initiate` in our Discord. If you are not sure this is you, go to the minting applet and connect your wallet. If you are whitelisted, you can mint right away!

To mint, make sure you're whitelisted, head to, connect your wallet, and you're good to go!

Airdrop to the Order of Testers

Thank you to all those who have supported us thus far!
Thank you to all those who have supported us thus far!

As a way of expressing our appreciation for our dedicated community members, we're also announcing our first airdrop to Testers. This symbolic gesture will be claimable on the mainnet launch of DeOrderBook Core.

At DeOrderBook, one of our core values is Determination: we believe that those that push in the face of obstacles create their own opportunities and eventually develop a growth mindset. This is what Web3 needs. In this as in future announcements, we will endeavour to practice what we preach and offer more rewards to those that show more Determination — don't miss out!

Officers of the Order of Testers are primed to get a higher level of rewards than Initiates of the Order of Testers. If you want to make sure you're eligible for the most rewards: check out the Phase II Beta instructions for hints on how to boost your Tester status!

What Comes Next?

Much more is on the way for DeOrderBook!
Much more is on the way for DeOrderBook!

Keep an eye for Mainnet Soft Launch Phase II, which will revolve around the public mint of the Silver Gerege NFTs as well as further perks and incentives for qualifying participants!

If you would like to qualify for Mainnet Soft Launch Phase II rewards, keep yourself atop the Leaderboard which will be still running on Göerli all throughout Phase I and until further notice. If you’re in the top 25 based on profit and loss, you’re good to go! At the end of the weekly Exercise Period (every Saturday at 1600 UTC+8) we will check who has made it to the Leaderboard — if that is you, you may even get whitelisted for private mint before Phase II arrives !

But here's the twist: When DeOrderBook Core launches, only NFT holders will be eligible to join the Leaderboard and thus participate in any campaigns related to it. Another great reason to get those Silver Gerege NFTs! We've got more updates, rewards, and opportunities coming your way.

And, if you love NFTs (and especially if you love NFTs x DeFi), wait until you see our Gold Gerege series which we will be releasing very soon.

LFG, explorers. Let's make this a journey to remember! 🚀🚀🚀

Stay tuned for more updates on our Twitter @DeOrderBook, or join our Discord below:

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