The year of web3 graphomaniac (📈, 📉)

Hello, yet another year! 🗓

What new calamities will you bring our way?

Are you the year of the DAO, stablecoin regulation, and Music NFTs landing in a big way (as the web3 commentariat would have us believe)? 📈

Or will a cyclical bear market, diminished expectations, hyperinflation, war, novel coronavirus variants, and changing climate wipe those techno-utopian grins off of our metaverse faces? 📉

Come what may, on a personal level, I do want you to be the year when I finally get to write more in public - not least, to spare my very forgiving frens numerous Signal walls of text, an incessant shitstorm of links, and rapid fire delivery of too many abstruse goose ideas at various mixers in and around San Francisco.

Yes, we do live in a society and it is common decency to have immersion into one’s web of belief be opt-in, rather than opt-out. As you already know, some folks simply do not give a fuck about NFTs and revolutionary causes.

So here it is, yet another web3 blag; Z Nowym Rokom, Druzi! 🏴‍☠️

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